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Monday, January 10, 2011

What makes you smile?

I thought I was going to be late this morning, because it's just the second work week of January, and yet I've only been successful in my New Year's Resolution (to not hit the Snooze button and get up for real) for only two days! Tsk tsk. So there. Since I slept again after my phone alarm has gone off, I'm thisclose to placing propeller on my feet so I can get to the office faster.

Aside from that, I was hurrying because I had a radio tour today. And since I didn't have a copy of our magazine yet, I wasn't really able to prepare over the weekend. We were scheduled to leave at 11 a.m., and since at 10 a.m. I was still two train stations away from where my office is, I was really worried.

Thankfully, I was able to log in at 10.12 a.m., giving me 48 precious minutes to prepare what I had to say in the radio tour. I was sweaty from brisk walking from the MRT station to my office, worried about my guesting, and then I saw this on my desk:

Two hard-boiled native chicken eggs from my dearest from his hometown in Mindoro. These eggs are smaller than the regular chicken egg, making them oh so cute. And the faces drawn on them even made them oh so adorable! These cute eggs made my day. And oh by the way, the radio tour went pretty well. :)

After the radio tour, I decided to eat them.

The eggs taking their final bow at the pantry. Before they get peeled and find their home in my stomach. *burps* I ate them with crackers. The eggs were so filling that I felt like I ate a sandwich.

Simple, little surprises like this never fail to make me smile. I'm actually easy to please. I don't need to be taken out to a romantic dinner just for a guy to win my heart. A guy doesn't have to drive a car or pay for everything when we go out for me to be impressed. Simple gestures done out of love don't go unrecognized and unappreciated by a simple girl like me. And the two cute eggs I found on my desk this morning are proof of that.

How about you? What makes you smile?


  1. awww...sweet pa la ang mokong na yun LOL!

    haha! ang cute. =)

  2. Hahaha di ko nga pinaalam sa kanya na may balak akong ipost yun dito dahil hindi yun papayag =))

  3. sweet naman...

    Miss N of
    (sorry i had to put my URl here since you do not allow the Name/URL options for those with own URL)

  4. Hi Ms. N!

    Thank you for visiting my blog. :) Really I don't allow it? Sorry for that. I'm not that techie so I didn't know hehehe. I'll figure out how to fix it. :) Thanks again!

  5. Hi Kat! That's sweeeeeet. I agree, little surprises go a long way ^_^

    Oh by the way, congrats on your blogger home. And thanks for adding me to your blog roll, I'll add you too as soon as my internet at home gets fixed.

    See you around!


  6. Maude! Thanks for visiting :D See you around :)