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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Free your mind

Have you been (or are you being) embattled with so much negativity that all you want to do is sleep your troubles away, wishing that when you waked up, they're all gone? Here's something from Design is Mine that can probably help:

Translation: Let go. Easier said than done, huh? I am always told to let go of my emotional baggage, especially my ghosts from the past. Thankfully, I'm no longer "emo", unlike when I was still a student. I've learned to be more positive rather than keep on thinking about the things I have no control of.

But honestly, there's still one "ghost" I can't really free myself from. And it haunts me every now and then. I'm hoping (and working for it) that the day that ghost will no longer come back will come soon.

Another thing that can help: smile. Smile a lot. It makes you prettier, and when you see a pretty face in the mirror, won't you exude and attract good vibes as well? :)

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