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Sunday, January 23, 2011


I may often dig a hole
and bury myself
deeper and deeper,
but you’ll always wait
at the ground
and call on me
to come out.

I may often close the door
on you, and tell you
to leave me alone,
but you’ll always wait
outside, softly knocking
at the steel gates
of my iron heart.

I may often fall silent
and just leave things
unsaid, unspoken,
but you’ll never get tired
of pushing me
to pour all my troubles
on you.

I may often come out
strong, not needing
a helping hand,
but your shoulders
will always offer rest
for my head, weary
with fears and anxieties.

I may often be riding
a rollercoaster of
emotions and moods,
but you’ll always be
my anchor, keeping me
steady, stopping me
from sailing away.

-Katherine Lopez
23 January 2011


  1. That's lovely, a real tribute to the special person in your life!
    Here from Poetry Potluck.

  2. You have described a very real person, one who requires patience and love and acceptance - it's all the more authentic, being spoken from the heart.

  3. Hi Jessica and Kerry: Thank you for the comments. I'm glad my message came across :)

  4. the first stanza is stunning.
    powerful piece. well penned.


  5. Effective use of repetition.

  6. nice take kat.. here's my potluck for this week:

  7. So beautifully heartfelt, Katherine. It reminds me of someone in my life. Always there for me no matter how I show up.

    Thank you.

  8. Lucky, lucky you..brilliant poem!

  9. so nice to have that!!! lovely!
    happy potluck!

  10. Hi Jingle, liv2write2day, fiveloaf, bodhirose, Lyn, and lynnaima: Thank you for all your wonderful comments! :) I wrote the poem with my dearest in my mind, and I'm glad you all found it beautiful and meaningful. I shall visit your blogs within the week. Just busy with work. :)

    Enjoy the rest of the week. :D


  11. It's an amazing thing indeed when you have someone who will be in your corner no matter what happens...nicely done. ☮

  12. this is a very beautiful piece thanks for sharing!!!

  13. Awww, I feel the same way about my husband! Here's to amazing men - they give their species a good name.

  14. @Dasuntoucha and peachpitproduction: Thank you. I really appreciate your visit and your comments. I'm happy with the response my poem has generated among poet-bloggers. :) Thank you for your support.

    @The Reason You Come: Yes! I feel like celebrating. :D

  15. lovely tribute to your anchor!