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Sunday, January 30, 2011

If I were a dancer

I would be as light as a feather
and let the wind carry
all my troubles and fears
until I feel nothing.

I would be as strong as the wave
when it hits the shore
with conviction and passion,
washing all doubts and guilt.

I would be as colorful as the butterfly
that tiptoes on flowers
and help them bloom
with so much beauty.

If I were a dancer,

I would go find my rhythm,
stretch my arms, point my toes
and sway, jump, and turn,
exuding grace and elegance.

I would hear nothing
but music, that soothing melody
that tells me to close my eyes,
clear my mind, and just dance.

-Katherine Lopez
29 January 2011


  1. love it,

    as light as feather? beautiful thought.

  2. Katherine, this is just lovely. I appreciate the idealism too. Well done and happy Potluck. Jamie -

  3. @Jingle and JamieDedes: Thank you so much. :) Thank you for your continuous support

  4. sweet reverie... dancing also clears my mind. i love your poem, katherine!

    thanks for visiting my blog. :)

  5. Hi Bing! Thanks for dropping by.

    I don't really dance. Haha. I just dance when I'm asked to (like in our office Christmas Party). But in those few opportunities given to me, I really enjoy it. :)

  6. I love dancing but Im not a dancer LOL...

    Nice poem btw...

  7. I'm not a dancer too! :D Haha.

    Thanks for the comment. I'm happy you found my poem nice. Thanks for visiting my blog. :D

  8. Well, you have made a pretty dance out of your words! A lovely poem of your dream - now go and dance!

  9. This lovely poem just carried me away! I will always join in the dance!!

  10. We should all be dancers...lovely poem.

  11. @Sam and Lyn: Thank you so much. :) Yeah we are all free to dance to our own rhythms :D

  12. Beautiful. Made me smile and want to get up, let the music wash over me, and dance.

  13. @rmpWritings: Hey thanks! If the poem had that effect on you, then in that sense writing it is a success. :) Thank you for dropping by.

  14. I was picturing a ballerina in a solo performance as I read your poem. I could almost hear the classical piece she was dancing to. This is lovely, whimsical, and relaxing. I like! :)

  15. @The Reason You Come: Wow. I'm glad I was able to paint a picture on your mind, and I'm even more glad that you like this piece :)