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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Shutting Down

I long for that slowing down,
Like a train approaching its
Last station, the chug-chugging
Of the wheels
Fading, until you hear
No more.

I long for a quiet night,
A mind that is blank
And free to rest
The day’s worries
On a soft pillow, blanket,
And whirring of the fan.

I long for a lazy state,
When the soul is free
To wander, to move
To different worlds,
While the body lays down
In surrender.

If well-oiled machines
Are shut down
Once in a while for
Repair and maintenance,
If they can stop and rest,
Then so can I.

-Katherine Lopez
23 April 2011

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

To travel with my dearest

Another song of Mindy Gledhill that I loooooove is California. It doesn't have a music video yet, so let's make do with the mp3 for now. :)

The song talks about traveling to different places in the world with one's special someone. And then comes the chorus with this line, "All I've ever wished to do is travel through this life with you." It's not just the trips to different vacation spots that the songwriter was talking about, but being with the one you love in life's journeys.

This song, just like Whole Wide World, never fails to put a smile on my face. Its upbeat tempo is perfect in jumpstarting my day, and its happy lyrics keep me from getting cranky. Hehe. Also, listening to California makes me think of the dreams my dearest and I have. We have a long road ahead of us and we have lots of work to do (both in the office hehehe and in our relationship), but I believe we can face all those. I believe in the strength of our relationship, as it is built on a stable foundation of love and trust. With this, there's nothing we can't overcome.

Whole Wide World

I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack! How I missed blogging! I'm sorry for my long hiatus. I got really busy the past month that's why I never had the chance to drop by my blog and post. I missed blogging, and I missed reading your blogs. Especially the poems by fellow poet-bloggers. I missed writing poems, too. I've missed I think two or three Poetry Potlucks already. :( Anyway, I have a small window of opportunity to blog, that's why I'm going to post something. Yey!

I want to share with you a beautiful song I learned about last week. I found this music video through Mae, the girlfriend of my dearest's (and Ate Roanne's) older brother. The song is Mindy Gledhill's Whole Wide World. After listening to it, boy, was I hit by a major case of LSS (Last Song Syndrome)! Couldn't get the song off my mind. I kept listening to it and to Mindy Gledhill's other songs almost all the time - in the shower, while dressing up, on the way to work, even as I work! Talk about... addiction!

Whole Wide World is such a beautiful song. Its lyrics are inspiring and motivating, and I want to embody the positivity expressed in it. I love the video, too. So light and refreshing.