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Monday, December 19, 2011


Cold breeze blows,
Light and graceful,
Alluring, enchanting,
Tickling the imagination,
A key to another world.

An ethereal presence felt
By the window, as she looks
Outside, at the stars
Twinkling at the dead of the night
As the world stood still.

The blanket of sleep spreads
Across the city, but her eyes are open,
Thinking of you, where you could be
At that moment, laughing maybe,
As she sheds a tear or two.

Cold breeze blows, this time,
A harsh reminder slicing through
Her soft, delicate skin, and into
Her heart, covering it with
Numbing pain.

She reaches for a blanket,
Wraps it around her shoulders
To keep her warm,
For she can no longer fight the cold
In someone else's arms.

-Katherine Lopez
19 December 2011