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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Saturday Project: Fix My Desk

It was a rainy Saturday afternoon, and I had nothing to do. So I decided to clean my room and fix my messy desk. My room is just small, but there are a lot of surfaces to wipe and dust off because of the open shelves. Plus, I also need to wipe my books clean before putting them back to the shelves.

My desk is probably the area in my room that is most prone to mess. It's right beside the door, so I have the tendency to just dump things on it when I enter. I also tend to just leave bills and other pieces of paper on it, despite the fact that I already assigned storage boxes for them. So what I did was keep all the bills, which have piled up on my desk, inside the storage box (it's actually a tin can from Kamiseta. The tin can is the packaging of the clothes or shoes bought from the store) and put the storage box on the shelf under my desk. I transferred a plastic storage box, which was originally on the shelf, on top of my cabinet (you just have to love that space between the cabinet and the ceiling) to make make way for the Kamiseta tin can. Other little storage boxes (full of letters, notes, and other causes of clutter) also went with the Kamiseta tin can.

I then placed a framed portrait of me, drawn by my dearest, on my desk, together with a few books and magazines, and my little Matryoshka doll collection. My laptop stayed on my desk along with pencils and other writing materials placed on a mug. Here is my desk:

It's still far from "Whoa!" levels, but at least it's orderly. I'll spruce it up soon, but I'll fix the other areas of my room first. Next project: my dresser. 

How about you? How did you spend your Saturday? 

Monday, July 15, 2013

Hats Off!

I have a thing for hats. I'm fascinated with them. It started with buying a bonnet when my cousins, my sister, and I were in Baguio five years ago. I don't have a photo of myself wearing that bonnet because the photo is in my Multiply account and as we all know, Multiply is already gone. Anyway, that bonnet is a knitted one and it has alternating rows of yellow green, pink, white, and blue on it. It looks so sweet, and the colors are girly-girl. It's best worn with a smile.

Fast forward a few years later, my fascination for hats has not diminished, yet I don't think it has progressed to the next level called love. Whenever I see hats piled on a shelf in a shop, I try one or two on, but most of the time, I don't end up buying. Maybe I just don't want to spend money, but I think it's because the style isn't something I would fall in love with. So even if I'm fascinated with hats, I own just three: one is the bonnet I talked about, one is a hat with a colorful fabric (a gift), and another one is a red hat with a rolled up brim, which is my favorite as of the moment.

Here it is:

That's an Instagram photo of me having fun at Hong Kong Disneyland with Chip n' Dale. And the red hat I'm wearing? I bought it specifically for this Hong Kong trip last February. I do think that the hat is stylish, and it goes with almost any outfit in my closet. It's quirky and girly without being overly sweet. And the best part? I bought it on sale! I forgot if it was 50% off or what, but I did save around 200 pesos more or less. 

Here's my other hat: 

That hat is a gift from Wilmer and Thor of the furniture store Space Encounters. The gave it to me for Christmas I think three years ago. I love the colors and I think it's good to wear during summer. In fact, in the photo, I was wearing it last May (a summer month) on a trip to Tagaytay with my boyfriend and his family. The sun was so high I had to wear a hat and sunglasses. The only negative thing I can say about this hat is that I should wear plain shirts with it, or those with minimal prints. The hat itself already attracts enough attention, and unless I want myself to become a walking hodgepodge of patterns, it's better to keep things balanced. 

I want to learn how to rock a hat. But before I can do that, I must first find hats that I would fall in love with---stylish hats that are also reasonably priced. Until I can find them, I'll be happy with the hats I have, and when I do find ones that I would add to my little collection, feel free to call me the girl who wears many hats. 

Monday, July 1, 2013

Real Living's 10th Anniversary Issue is out!

Words cannot express how joyful I am to share our magazine's July issue with you. It's out 10th Anniversary issue, and with this milestone comes a new look that I hope everyone will love:

I can say it's a packed issue; each section is filled with tips and ideas on how you can spruce up your home, whether you're getting professional help or not. Plus, the photos are to-die-for. Flipping each page will surely be a visual feast. 

So what are you waiting for? Head to the nearest bookstore, newsstand, or supermarket and grab a copy. It's definitely worth reading and keeping. :)