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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Taylor Swift's Red Tour: Live in Manila

Last Friday night was the highlight of my week: Taylor Swift's Red Tour!

This time, we were lucky enough to have bought tickets, unlike in her Speak Now Tour in 2011. A friend of mine, who is also a Taylor Swift fan, was able to watch Tay Tay's concert in 2011. When news of the Red Tour in Manila came up, my friend told me that I have to see it."It's magical," she said of the Speak Now Tour. Therefore, the same can be expected of her Red Tour.

And she was right. The experience of watching Taylor perform onstage was magical. Her performance was full of energy, and the whole arena was drawn to her. She interacted well with the crowd through her spiels on stage, gestures, and her songs. It was as if everyone who was present in the concert venue was close to her.

I really couldn't find the words to sum up the entire experience of watching Taylor Swift perform live. My sister and I loved the concert, and we had a great time. And seeing the crowd cheer and sing with Taylor showed that we weren't the only ones who had a blast.

People lining up outside the concert venue. Taylor, you have LOTS of fans here. 

Selfie before the concert. Of course, I had to wear a red hat. 
And red lipstick, too!

The concert began with Taylor's silhouette being projected on a stage curtain. 
The crowd went wild when the lights went off, and the cheers grew louder when her silhouette appeared. 

Taylor Swift performing "All Too Well." One of my favorites.

And here are a few more concert photos:

So Taylor, when are you coming back? :D