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Sunday, January 23, 2011

A Cry

All alone, there I was
Thinking of my past
My world was just simple
My feelings were just plain
I just can't help it, I realized them all
I closed my eyes, and tears started to fall.

I always wonder why am I like this
Why, despite silence, I have no peace
I seem to look, to find something
And everywhere, I seem to have been searching
Truth, freedom, I want them all
But, can anybody hear my call?

Time is passing, and I'm still here
Feeling the emptiness, feeling the fear
What would become of me if I go on like this?
Would I be mournful, would I be foolish?
Would I be receiving a splendid grace?
Or would I just stare at an empty space?

But one day, I think, I've found the light
My heart was enlightened at the glorious sight
Hope flickered, I tried to carry on
My soul rose to sing a song
For now, I've felt a joy so true
And it is the joy of falling in love with you.

-Katherine Lopez
17 August 2002


So as I was cleaning and de-cluttering yesterday, I dug up the poem above, written on a stationery, from my "junk". When I read it again yesterday, I couldn't believe I wrote those words. They're so... cheesy. And emo. Haha! Well, I was 14 then. But regardless of the words I chose, I realized that what I was saying in that poem came true after eight years. Interesting, huh? :)


  1. Haha di ba? And yet I still have the gall to share it! Pero kasi naaliw ako na may nahukay akong tula. :))

  2. Hi Furree Katt! Thank you for your positive comment. I'm glad you found it nice. :)