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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Palladio by Escala

I'm currently drawn to this instrumental music, Palladio by Escala. It's played by a string ensemble, and I must say the music evokes so much power as if it's pushing you to do something great.

I first heard it here, in Emily's performance in Got to Dance UK. She's my favorite finalist, but she didn't win as champion. Still, for me, she's a real winner.

And she's just 11! (or maybe she's now 12 because this was last year). Anyway, I love how fluid her movements are. I love how graceful she moves, and my favorite part is when she turns on stage. So beautiful.

If I were a dancer, I'd love to perform the kind of dance that Emily does. It's so expressive. Although I would probably tone down a bit on the gymnastic stunts incorporated in the dance and perform more jumps and turns on stage. Haha. Well, I'm not a dancer so I can't say much about technique. I simply love to see strong yet graceful moves.

Here's Emily's performance in the Got to Dance UK Semifinals. Despite the flaws in her technique that Kimberly Wyatt, one of the judges, pointed out, I like this dance better than her performance in the finals because I think this has more emotions in it. Maybe it's because of her choice of music. Not that I'm saying that her performance in the finals was bad. As Kimberly Wyatt had said, it was a "powerhouse performance."

Now, there's Live to Dance in the U.S., which is their version of Got to Dance UK. I wonder if I will see another Emily in that show. :)


  1. OMGGGG I'm a fan of the show!!!! Emily was initially one of my best bets also! Until The Box came along hehehe. I think kids really move me these days, and it helps that this program has shown the world how much talent kids have. :) Ang cool nila no? Super cool to a point that I envy them sometimes...what was I doing at that age???? HAHAHA.:P Anyway, glad to know you're a fan also. BTW, is Live To Dance any good? Is Paula Adbul any good???? HAHA. :P

  2. Hey Portia! Thanks for dropping by. :)

    My sister was the one watching Live to Dance while I ate breakfast. Hehe. So I was just listening to the TV. Couldn't say yet which one is better, but I like the Got to Dance UK judges better because their comments aren't just the general "that was a beautiful performance" but they also assess the technique and other aspects of the performance. By the way, Kimberly Wyatt is also a judge in Live to Dance. :)