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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Bad vibes and cleaning and stationery

I wasn't feeling sunshiney today (translate: I was in a bad mood). I wasn't irritated at anyone or anything in particular. Maybe I was just tired plus this time of the month only we girls have messed up my mood. So with nothing better to do, I decided to clean my room.

It was a continuation of my cleaning/de-cluttering project which I started two Saturdays ago. To be organized in my room is one of my New Year's resolution (the other one is waking up when the alarm rings, but apparently, this is SO hard to do). I filled a 56 L rectangular plastic box with my college and high school clutter while thinking, "Why the heck are these still with me?"

I tend to be a pack rat. I keep stuff for sentimental reasons and because I keep on thinking they might be of use to me one day. Obviously, they weren't of any use except to eat up precious shelf space in my small bedroom. So I got rid of them - school notebooks, readings (a big WHY THE HECK AM I STILL HOLDING ON TO THEM!), the planners I used before, school projects - and said hello to a cleaner, more organized bedroom. I wouldn't post a photo of my bedroom here because it's not photogenic hehehe.

As I was de-cluttering this afternoon, I found some cute stationery that I used to collect when I was a kid. I remember spending the money I got from ninongs and ninangs, winning parlor games, and performing a song or dance number during Christmas on stationery because they're the only ones I could afford. Then, I would write notes on them - notes I would exchange with my cousins or friends in school. Over time, I used up those stationery, but here are the ones that are still with me:

I got them from Gift Gate, and they cost P6.50 to P7.50 each. The papers inside those envelopes are square (except for the third one from left, which are round) and they bear the same design as the envelopes containing them. They're so cute! :D I remember having quite a lot of Sanrio stationery before. It's good to know I didn't use them all up and managed to keep a few.

Another cute find is this:

I think I bought this in SM Supplies when I was a high school freshman. Or maybe when I was in sixth grade. I couldn't remember the exact year. Anyway, this pad carries 50 sheets with 50 different designs. The sheets have already been greatly depleted primarily because of the letters I wrote for my classmates during recollections and retreats. A few still remain, and I don't mind using them all up for another letter I will write.

I still have this penchant for stationery. I still smile whenever I see pretty ones while resisting the urge to buy them. But there are some that are quite tempting to buy, like this:

I bought this at Swell Stuff for P60. Even if the sheets are nothing but colored papers, the feminine and romantic cover design caught me. Also, Paris is one of the places I want to see before I die, and the Eiffel Tower is like calling on me. Hehehe.

So there. Whenever I'm in a bad mood, I really have this urge to clean or de-clutter. Maybe it's because I don't have to think of anything while doing that (except for where to put what). I just have to use my hands and rugs - a damp one and two dry ones. And a broom and dust pan, of course. Cleaning kind of releases bottled up tension, with all that wiping and sweeping. But what eventually painted a smile on my face is this:


From my dearest. Thank you :)


  1. i collect stationaries too esp yung galing sa japan, may classmate kasi ako japanese dati, binibigyan nya ko ng cute stationaries. di ko na alam kung nasaan ngayon.

    past time ko rin dati maglinis esp pag wala sa mood ngayon tamad na me lol

  2. Haha. Well minsan lang naman ako ma-bad mood so ibig sabihin minsan lang ako maglinis =)) hehehehe. Ngayon dadalasan ko na para hindi magpile up ang mga kalat sa kwarto :D

  3. I used to have lots of stationary before, uso pa ang snail mail hahaha! Yun ang gamit ko nung college days, nagsusulatan kami ng hs friends ko kasi malalayo na kami sa isat-isa

  4. Ang saya makatanggap ng handwritten letters, lalo na ng snail mail. :) Kahit may email na at kung anu-ano pang makabagong teknolohiya, iba pa rin ang sayang nadadala ng old-style sulat :)