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Friday, January 14, 2011

New calendar, new dates

"Mabuti pa ang kalendaryo, may date. Ako wala!"

So goes a joke I and my single friends back in college would crack whenever we would rant about the our non-existent love lives. This is usually followed by another joke, which says, "Mabuti pa ang Paranaque, may BF. Ako, wala!" Followed by a hearty laugh.

I remembered this exchange of corny jokes when I received a 2011 desk calendar from Daiichi Colour Inc.,which partners with stock photography resource Corbis Images, this afternoon. I was pleased with it because it came at a right time. I need a desk calendar because I lose track of dates when I don't have one. Any desk calendar could do, but I want a pretty one. I want it to have inspiring images so I could be inspired to work. Unfortunately, I couldn't find one that is reasonably priced according to my cheapskate standards.

The kind of calendar that I want is exactly what I got this afternoon.

I want inspiring images, right? So poof, it became Coco Crunch inspiring images are what I got! One breathtaking Corbis photo for each month.

After marveling at the calendar, I put it to use immediately, crossing out the dates that have passed and placing it on its rightful spot on my desk.

Yey! Good thing I haven't bought a desk calendar yet. Maybe the reason why I found other pretty calendars in the bookstore overpriced (and therefore not buy them) because one will just come my way... for free. :) Talk about small surprises.

I hope this calendar will attract good vibes for me this year #gawindawbangluckycharm. Hahaha! And may every X mark I will be putting on the dates that have passed signify tasks that I will finish with flying colors.

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