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Saturday, August 27, 2011

My First Poem

This is the first poem I ever wrote. Maybe not the very first, because I remember, when I was in second grade, our English teacher then asked us to write a poem about Jesus. I wrote something with "Jesus, King of the Jews" in one of the stanzas, but I didn't have a copy of that. It was a school activity. The poem I'm going to share with you is something I didn't write for school. I wrote it because I wanted to.

A Tree, A Friend

A tree is a friend
A friend that never end
Giving us fresh air
Here and everywhere.

God created a tree
For you and me
For us to share
That fruits that it bear

Trees that God made
Trees that give us shade
A shade that can make us cool
So the leaves, please don't pull

Let's take care of the trees
Make them increase
Let's take care of nature
For the better of our future

I wrote the poem when I was 10. I wrote it because I love Joyce Kilmer's poem, Trees, which we memorized and recited individually when we were in third grade for Reading class. Actually, back in third grade also, our Language teacher made us write a poem on trees. I wrote the first stanza of this poem in third grade; I submitted a two-stanza poem. And then, when I was 10, I decided to add stanzas to my poem on trees. I kept the first stanza, changed the second, and added two more.

I submitted this to our elementary school paper when I was in fifth grade. It didn't get published. I tried again the following year, and it had the same fate. When I was a high school freshman, I tried again, but it didn't see print. I decided to just keep it.

Reading it now, I'm laughing at myself for the grammatical errors I'm seeing. Comparing it with my more recent works, this poem pales in terms of choice of words and style. And let's not forget grammar. Haha! But still, I treasure this poem. I thought I've already lost this. So imagine how happy I am when I found it as I was rummaging through some old CDs.

When I wrote poems back then, I wanted them to have rhyme. Hence, this poem's rhyming last words. I also wanted them to convey messages, like a call of action or something. I hope, despite the limitations of this poem, it did impart an important message: that we must take care of nature. After all, as Joyce Kilmer had written:

"Poems are made by fools like me
But only God can make a tree."


  1. katherine, thank you for your comment in my blog, hehehe. If its ok with you can u share your story to to inspire a lot of people? hehe. kindly answer the questions here ^_^

    hehehe, i think you are a genius to create a good poem for such a young age. ^_^. love the nature

  2. Hello! Wow Kikilabotz the blogger is here!!!! :D Thank you, thank you for your comment. Sure I'll answer your questions. :) Thanks for asking me to share my story.

  3. one difference between "poetic" boys and girls is that girls tend to keep a copy of their first poems. hehe. Can't even remember the title of my first one, but one thing is for sure, its about a girl.. hehe. Peace out!

  4. Haha! I wonder who is the "lucky girl". :)

  5. your first poem is better than my nth poem! I started old and yes it doesn't bother me when I post the unedited me -- wrong grammar and whatever :)

  6. Wow! words are dancing! and this are my face lines:

    A tree is a friend
    A friend that never end
    Giving us fresh air
    Here and everywhere.

    more poems:)

  7. joyce kilmer..wahh, nostalgic... reciting her poem during HS days..

    anyway, its good to know naitago mo pa yang 1st poem mo.. =) you can even pass it on your future kids, and sure they're gonna be proud of it!

    1st time ko yata dito?
    kita kits sa Iloilo!

  8. @bendedspoon: How "old" is old? Hehe. Well, I think we're never too old to start anything. Thanks for dropping by and for your comment? :)

    @SunnyToast: I'm glad you like my poems. Sure, I'll write more. See you again in this blog. Thank you for your comment. :)

    @BON: Hehe buti na lang natagpuan ko sya sa isang lumang CD at hindi nawala nang tuluyan. Sana mainspire ang aking mga future kids dito. :) Yup I think first time mo dito (or first time mo lang magcomment? ^__^). Anyway, nice seeing you here. Thanks for visiting my blog. Yup, kita kits sa Iloilo. :)