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Monday, August 22, 2011

Adam and Eve

In the beginning,

Man and woman were welcomed
Into the Garden of Eden,
Where richness thrives
In the fruit-bearing trees,
Fresh, cool water from the springs,
And sweet-smelling grass.

All those were theirs to enjoy.
Nothing was scarce.
They would know no famine or drought
In that paradise of a garden.
Except for one condition
That sounded so simple.

That man and woman should not touch
The fruit from the Tree of Knowledge
Of Good and Evil.
Lest, they be banished from paradise,
And face each waking day with hardships,
And struggle for survival.

What a price to pay for awakening
To what is true, to what is real.
What god was it to make man and woman
Follow so blindly, and take away
Their means of knowing.

And so they heard a voice,
A voice that was different
Saying something different,
"Eat it, taste it. The fruit
From the Tree of Knowledge.
Take a bite, and you'll see."

And they did, and they saw
That they were naked.
Hid themselves in shame.
But what was there to be ashamed of?
That they were standing in their bare glory?
Or was it because of fear?

Alas, man and woman had to pay
For what they did, for opening their eyes
To what was being concealed.
With nothing in their hands,
And nothing on their bodies,
They walked away from paradise.

-Katherine Lopez
22 August 2011


  1. And now we are told to seek something we cannot see by the simple act of faith via the promise of hope . . . hope in what is concealed.

    You've written an extremely logical piece. It causes one to think deeply.

  2. You have to believe the Bible and that it all happened that way. I (personally) believe the stories in it are all allegory and that forbidden tree of knowledge is tampering with our DNA. But, who knows for sure.
    Lovely image filled prose.

  3. Yes, indeed thought provoking. Was it that through the tree of knowledge Adam and Eve let the lower elements into the garden and blemished it so that it was no longer paradise ?

  4. amazing, smiles.
    thanks for the lovely contribution.

  5. Very nice!! I would say an accurate portrayal, written very nicely.


  6. This is such a well done commentary... I really like this.

  7. Just the facts, Ma'am. Well done!

  8. hi katherine this is MG, hehe. anyways i love your poem about adan and eve. ^_^ very well said.

  9. @kaysalady: I'm glad my poem made you think. When I wrote it, I intended it to symbolize for something, and I want my readers to make their own interpretation. Thank you for your comment :)

    @Daydreamertoo: I believe the Bible (I'm a Catholic), but I believe it isn't infallible, with it being written by men. Like you, I also believe that everything there is an allegory, and shouldn't be interpreted literally, like the story of Adam and Eve. :) Thank you for your comment, and I'm glad you saw the images I was trying to paint through my words.

    @Tigerbrite: That could be one interpretation of the story of Adam and Eve. In the Bible, after Adam and Eve were banished, the next story was that of Cain and Abel. Maybe it wasn't the garden itself that Adam and Eve reduced from being a paradise. Maybe it was their whole lives, because man had to till the soil and woman had to give birth in pain as consequence of their disobedience. Maybe the garden symbolizes their lives. We could have several interpretations, and none of them would be wrong. Thank you so much for your comment. :)

    @Morning: Smiles. You're welcome. Thank you also for reading this piece and leaving a comment. Hope to see you here again. :)

    @Izdiher: Thank you very much. Your compliment is very much appreciated. :)

    @booguloo: Thank you. Glad to see you here. :)

    @talkingleaves: Hi William! Thank you so much. I'm glad you found this nice. :)

    @Classic NYer: Thank you very much. I'm glad you liked this. :)

    @mindsinger: Thank you for your comment. Well appreciated :)

    @dakshi: Thank you very much. :)

    @kikilabotz: Hi MG! Wow thank you. I hope to see you here again. :)

  10. Awesome post! Loved reading this <3

  11. you're a good writer Kath! :)

    PS: hongkyut ng dimples mo! hehe.

  12. they did? hohoho! mans first ejection of god? i dint know that! glad to be of acquaintance back kat! thru gooseberry!

  13. @Tay Tay: Wow thank you! Hope to see you here again :) Thanks for the visit and the comment.

    @Supladong Office Boy: Hehe salamat sa mga compliments :D I enjoy reading your blog.

    @fiveloaf: It's my own spin on the Creation story. :) Glad to reconnect with you as well. :D

  14. Nice poem about the tree of awakening