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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Fight for Love

I just finished watching an episode of Grey's Anatomy with my sister.In the episode, there was a ballerina who had cancer, and the doctors had to amputate his leg. Of course, the guy felt like his whole world was crashing down. His leg wasn't only his leg; it was his life. To illustrate his point, he danced in front of the doctors, and said, "Build me a leg that would let me do that."

One of the doctors, Alex Karev, found a way on how they could save him without amputating his leg. They took off the affected part of his leg bone, got rid of the cancer cells on that part, and placed it back again in his leg. In the end, the ballerina got to keep his leg.

This reminded me of an episode in my favorite series, Make It Or Break It. In the first season, one of the main characters, Payson Keeler, broke her back during a tournament. All the doctors they went to said it was inoperable, and that she couldn't do gymnastics anymore. Payson was devastated; she couldn't give up what she loves to do. She couldn't give up her dream. When she had learned to accept that she couldn't do gymnastics anymore, and was slowly adjusting to a new life, a doctor came and said there was a way to fix her back and let her do gymnastics again. Her parents were afraid because the surgery was risky, but they went on with it. And so Payson was able to do gymnastics again. She was able to go back to what she truly loved and what she was most passionate about.

Fighting for love isn't easy; it takes bravery and resilience. There is always that one person whom we care about the most, or that one thing that we don't get tired of doing and would like to do for the rest of the lives. But life always throws rocks, sometimes big boulders, that require us to do more effort. We must push them away, so they wouldn't block us or separate us from what we love. We can always ask help, or choose to get rid of those obstacles on our own. Either way, the most important thing is not to give up.

Do you recall an instance when you really fought for something? Or fought for someone? Have you ever experienced holding on to that one last thread of hope so you can keep doing what you love (or whom you love)? Was the ending what you fought for?

To fight for something gives us purpose. To fight for love gives us purpose and meaning. When we give up that fight, maybe we don't love it as much as we thought we do. Not that it's always bad, especially if we decide to focus our energy on doing something else, or take a different career path. Times change, and so do we and our interests.

So whatever it is that we love to do, let's keep doing it. Sometimes, odds may not be in our favor, but, when done for love, overcoming those odds would always be worth it.

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