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Monday, August 15, 2011

Bad Dream

Last night, I had a really bad dream. There was an aswang right outside my bedroom. And I was SOOOOOOO scared because it wanted to get inside my room and probably devour me. My mom and I were in my room, and we were praying the rosary nonstop. The aswang was just at the other side of my door, and I leaned on it with all my strength so the aswang wouldn't be able to open the door. I was praying the rosary, reciting the mysteries and prayers out loud. The aswang didn't go away, and I could hear its screams and ghastly sounds, but it couldn't enter my room because of our prayers.

In my dream, this battle with the aswang lasted for a whole night. I could already see the black sky turning gray, but the battle wasn't over! How weird because aswangs are afraid of daylight, right? Just like vampires. Anyway, in my dream, I already finished praying five mysteries of the rosary (couldn't remember if I prayed the joyful, sorrowful, glorious, or luminous), but the aswang was still there. So I held my rosary more tightly and started praying another set.

My mom went out of my room to go to my sister's room. I opened the door a bit so she could go out, and closed it quickly so the aswang wouldn't enter my room (wasn't it weird that the aswang was only after me? It didn't attack my mom even if she went out of my room, right where it was). While my mom was out, I kept on praying out loud. I peeked under the door and saw the aswang's ugly, gray, monster-like feet. I inserted my rosary underneath and waved it left and right. The aswang stepped back, while letting out ghastly screams, so its feet wouldn't touch the rosary. When my mom came back, I opened the door for her, but just a bit so the aswang couldn't enter. She quickly came in and I shut the door immediately. I leaned on the door and prayed and prayed and prayed....

And then I woke up! Finally! It was probably around 5 a.m. The sky outside was gray, and the lights from the lampposts outside were already being turned off. Whew! How relieved I was that it was just a dream. I prayed to God for this great relief and for guidance and protection.

What does my dream mean? I don't know. Maybe the things that bother me manifested in my dream in the form of that aswang. Or maybe it's just a reminder from The One Above about the power of prayer. That through prayer, nothing is impossible. And He'll always be there for us as long as we constantly communicate with Him. Maybe He's just calling on me to pray more. :)

Anyway, I'm really glad that it was just a dream. I don't want to dream of it again. From now on, I'll remember to think happy thoughts before I sleep. And to pray.


  1. they say that everything we dream about is just a manifestation of our wants, regrets, unfinished business, something you want to do but can't, something you have to do but wont, practically anything that needs our attention that we live out because of some other things. Our subconscious is trying to surface these things because in reality we don't want to face it.. - something i read from a book, don't know if its credible though.. but thinking about it, i think its true..

  2. Yup. I agree with what you said. I've heard of that explanation from different people so I guess it must be true. :) Sana next time good dream naman yung i-surface nag aking subconscious hehehe.

    Thanks for the comment, Paolo. :)

  3. Ay.. aswang!! eek! Nightmare. :( Ako, ilang beses nakong nagkaroon ng masamang panaginip... mostly about death. MY death. Spooky, right? Di ko maalala yung mga detalye, pero I've been shot na, stabbed, hanged, drowned.. :( kakatakot..

    Sabi raw nila, merong mga meaning yung mga panaginip natin.. Di ko alam kung anong meaning ng mga panaginip ko na yun. Hindi naman sya araw-araw.. pero daming beses na rin.. sa 31years of existence ko, ilang ulit kong napanaginipan ang aking... ..

    Anyway.. nagshare tlga ano? Haaay...

    Pero bawi rin naman.. Dahil madaming beses rin akong nanaginip na prinsesa raw ako sa isang Disney castle.. parang fairytale lang. hihi.. I've learned how to fly na rin.. hehe.. waley.. isip-bata. Lols.

    Anyway, sana nga next time.. happy dreams na, Ms Katherine. Gandang evening! :)

  4. Ms. Leah! Can't believe na 31 ka na :) Hehehe mukha kang... 32. Wahahaha joke joke. Seriously, you look younger :)

    Kaloka ang shot, stabbed, hanged, drowned! Ako dati napanaginipan ko nasa death row daw ako. Waaaah!

    Naks naman Disney princess. Isa sa mga good dreams na natatandaan ko is dancer daw ako. Siguro dahil yun sa poem na sinulat ko na If I Were A Dancer :D

    Thanks for your comment, Ms. Leah! Good evening and sweet dreams sa atin. :)

  5. Grabe nakakatakot yung dream mo, ako din may mga creep na creators sa dream, basta ang alam ko, kelngan sa dream mo matalo mo sila, kasi yung mg creature na un ang mga antagonist sa life story mu, kapag natalo mu sila magtatagumpay ka sa isang bagay, situation or anything.

    I dreamed about battling with ghost, big snakes and giants, ...

  6. katakot naman ang dream mo....dati ganito rin ako laging nanaginip ng masasama (hanged, drowned..etc) sa dati kung incubator or room...hehehe pero since I transfer to a new incubator(room)and I'm so happy now kc lagi happy dreams..ang sarap laging matulog...hehehe:)

    I think before going or hitting the sack we just have to think happy thoughts lang para happy din dream natin:)

  7. Wow parang lahat tayo nakapanaginip na ng may aswang/ghost/whatever creature na nakakatakot.

    @stevevhan: In my dream, in a way natalo ko naman yung aswang through prayer. Di sya namatay pero di sya nakalapit sa 'kin. I guess victory na rin yun na maituturing, lalo na't power of prayer yun. :) Salamat sa pagcomment!

    @SunnyToast: Yup korek think happy thoughts. At tsaka whole day siguro iwasan nating maging nega para hindi natin nadadala hanggang sa pagtulog. Salamat sa comment! :)

  8. maybe you had watched something on tv ... dreams are good. Some say, that some dreams may mean that something in your life needs changing... or that you had some big changes in your life.

  9. I dreamed last night and seems very real about aswang. Pagka gising ko ng mdaling araw nakabukas pala talaga yung bintana. At napaka weird dahil sa panaginip ko para bumangon lang ako sa kama habang ginigiaing ang kapatid ko. Alam kong panaginip na yun pero nung nagising ako para syang totoo, nug bumalik ako sa pagtulog nagtuloy yung panaginip ko about aswang na humihila sa kamay ko