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Thursday, August 26, 2010


I found another inspiring photo from Album de Fotos.

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It speaks about opportunities, for us not to miss a beautiful one when it lands on our lap. For us to recognize them even in the most mundane challenges life throws our way. That whenever life doesn't proceed according to how we planned it, an opportunity awaits for it to be seized.

"Never miss a chance to dance." It also tells us not to miss out on life's simple pleasures. That in today's fast-paced world, a chance to dance is a chance to set aside, even just for a while, the things that burden us and simply enjoy life.


  1. K.LO! Sa sobrang excited kong mag-comment sa blog mo, I even typed your name on the space above instead of mine. Obviously I already changed it. hahaha!

    Miss you!!!!!!!!! Will text you.

  2. Mimi!!! Glad to see you visit my blog. Sige just text me. I hope you enjoy reading my posts kahit minsan wala silang kwenta at mga chorva lang yung iba. :D Take care! God bless!

    a butterfly award for you.