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Monday, August 23, 2010

My Little Box of Secrets

Well, not really secrets, but more of precious little things, some of which I wish to keep secret. And I'm keeping them inside this pretty, little box.

I first saw one of that on my managing editor's desk. Pretty, isn't it? It's a simple box, but the design seems to say something, like it can keep precious little things, little secrets, little memories.

And that's what I'm doing with it. When I saw it (and bought it on sale! Yehey!) in a store which is a mere walking distance from my office, I originally planned to store my calling cards there. But they didn't fit. The calling cards were centimeters wider than the box. So I decided to keep my little memories there, since I like keeping small mementos but I'm too lazy not artsy enough to put them in a scrapbook. Haha!

Years from now, when I'm already old and with gray hair (and hopefully, without Alzheimer's or any other disease associated with old age), I wish I could just open this pretty little box and correctly identify where I got those mementos and get nostalgic as I look back at the happy times I've had.

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