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Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Mirror

It doesn't hide anything
A blemish, a pimple, a scar
It shows all marks
Beauty marks of being human.

It doesn't mask anything
A frown pretending to be a smile
A smile pretending to be sweet
No guessing games, no pretenses.

It shows everything
Revealing secrets long kept
Hidden pain, hidden suffering
Lingering sadness and lament.

So look at yourself in the mirror
There's a girl, boy, child, mother
Looking at you too.
Do you like what you see?

Or do you turn around
Wishing you could change it?
You can't, because it is you
And the mirror doesn't lie.

-Katherine Lopez
09 April 2010



    5 awards on the bottom of the post,

  2. awesome poem,
    nice to see you back writing or posting!