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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Even more frisbee love

Day 2 (April 17) of the Heads Up Ultimate Frisbee Summer Clinic was bad for me. I sucked big time. I had a messy performance during the drills and games. But the good thing about it was that the things I needed to work on were pointed out to me by fellow participants.

Day 3 (April 24) was better. I guess I performed well, judging not by my throws and catches (which were so-so, especially my forehand throw. I was like, "What's going on with my forehand throw?"), but by how my team performed. We had a smooth flow - the throwing of the discs, the stacking (or how the players position themselves in the field), defense, and cuts. At the end of the session, I realized that a participant's performance is not gauged on how well he/she throws and catches the disc alone, but if he/she is able to do something for his/her team to perform well.

I really love this sport. Since this is a self-officiating sport, everyone is honest. No hotheads on the field. And everyone is just so good-spirited before and after the game. No sore losers.

I hope my friends will also find joy in this sport. I hope we could simply gather, one afternoon, in an open space, and enjoy throwing and catching a disc. That would be really nice, right? :)

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