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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

My Third Time in Hong Kong: Walking Around Tsim Sha Tsui

In the first weekend of March, I headed to Hong Kong for the third time. It was my second time to go there with my family, but it was my third time as an individual. I first visited Hong Kong in 2010 for business purposes, and I posted about it here. My Hong Kong trip last year with my family and my cousins, well, I wasn't able to blog about it. I enjoyed relishing the memories in my mind that I got lazy to blog. Haha! Anyway, last year's itinerary included Disneyland and Ngong Ping 360. I and my dad also visited the Hong Kong Museum of Art to see the Andy Warhol Exhibit. And of course, we did some shopping. This time around, the Avenue of Stars, The Peak, and a trip to the IKEA store were in our list. And of course, shopping, too!

I won't bore with the details of our flight, etc. etc. We arrived in Hong Kong at lunch time. After checking in and having a quick lunch, my family and I headed to the Tsim Sha Tsui area to see visit the Avenue of Stars. The temperature was 19 degrees Celsius, and for a girl like me who is used to the heat and humidity of a tropical country, that is super cold! Little did I know that the next day would be colder. Haha! So there I was, walking along the streets of Hong Kong wearing a beanie, jacket, gloves, tights, and boots, while the locals and other tourists were just wearing a jacket on top of their regular clothes.

It was cloudy, foggy, and windy. It was a gray day.

The view of Victoria Harbor from Avenue of Stars

However, I did enjoy the walk around the district, despite the cold weather and tons of sniffing and sneezing In contrary to the song, the cold bothered me. Haha. 

The Clock Tower

I specifically enjoyed the "Love, Love, Love" exhibit outside the Hong Kong Cultural Centre. Different types of weddings were showcased there--from Chinese, Japanese, and Korean to the Western ones. 







After visiting the Avenue of Stars and the "Love, Love, Love" exhibit, we walked around some more and checked out the Heritage 1881. This play harks back to the Victorian era, while Hong Kong was still under British rule. According to, the area used to be the Marine Police Headquarters. Now, it's filled with high-end boutiques, a heritage hotel, and an exhibition hall.

After taking photos and sightseeing, we headed to a nearby mall to have dinner at Food Republic. I love Food Republic! I could choose from a variety of dishes--from Asian to Western. I could eat whatever I fancied at the moment. It's not that I don't want to try hole-in-the-wall restaurants; it's just that whenever hunger would strike, or whenever hunger would beckon, we were near a mall (we ate a lot at Food Republic at the Olympian City in our visit to HK last year). 

My mom and my sister walking to the mall

After eating, we did a bit of shopping at H&M, and then headed back to the hotel to rest. It would be another full day of walking and sightseeing, so we must recharge. 

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