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Friday, February 14, 2014


If I had a thousand sunsets,
I would spend them all with you.
We'd look out to the horizon,
The once azure sky turning vermilion
As day beckons the night to come.

We'd see the sun's final strech
Cast a glow on everything it touches,
The once cold and lifeless rocks
Warming up to a familiar embrace
As day winds down.

The sun would bid farewell,
And dusk would leave us dreaming
Of nights of love and surrender
As endless as the sea and sky
Where a thousand suns have set and risen.

We would bask in indigo light
As sunbeams fade and vanish.
We have nothing but hands entwined
As wishes and promises are
Shot to the moon and twinkling stars.

*For my dearest John

- Katherine Lopez
14 February 2014

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