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Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Rides That Took My Breath Away

It is raining hard and my visit to the doctor didn't push through, so I'm just here at home today. I can't help but look back on my last Saturday, when my dearest and I went to Enchanted Kingdom.

And since I'm reminiscing, I want to share with you the rides that took my breath away, both in a good and bad way.

First, the Flying Fiesta.

It was my first time to go to Enchanted Kingdom last Saturday, despite the fact that the theme park has already been there for more than a decade or so. My family isn't a fan of theme parks, and going to EK can be costly, with pricey tickets and food inside (you can't bring your own, or you can leave it in your car and just go out for a while when you're hungry).

Flying Fiesta is one of the rides I've been looking forward to trying out, aside from the Roller Skater (a small roller coaster, and it used to be called Junior Skater). As the ride turns, it's as if the people sitting on those swing-like seats are being thrown into the air.

And that's exactly how I felt when we got our turn to ride it. It was a "whoooooooo"-inducing feeling, expressed in joy and excitement. Flying Fiesta also tilts, so there were parts when you are thrown higher.

I closed my eyes so I wouldn't get dizzy. And with my eyes closed, I felt the wind more - its cool touch caressing my face. I felt like flying. Haha. Okay I'm overreacting here. But, the ride was longer than what I felt would be enough. When the Flying Fiesta kept on turning and turning, my mind was screaming, "gusto ko na bumaba!!!" (I wanna go down!!!). And okay, maybe I was again overreacting there. The duration of the ride was around two to three minutes, and when you're merely watching, that's really quick. But when you're the one riding it, it feels longer. Anyway, I'd like to try the Flying Fiesta again. I super love it!

Next is the Anchors Away. OMG I'M NEVER RIDING THIS AGAIN! EVER!

Hahaha. That's because I felt dizzy afterwards. I thought I was going to throw up. That ship-like right just swings back and forth, but it swings REALLY HARD. And HIGH! At first, the swings are just low, somehow similar to a swing at a playground, only bigger.

But at the middle of the ride, it swings higher, almost at a right angle to the ground. It's fine. It's exciting. But if it keeps on swinging at that angle for like a couple of minutes, or maybe more, it's insane!!! When it swings toward the opposite direction as you, and you're going up, it's fine. But when it's your turn to experience it going down, screaming is not just an option. It's a MUST!

Every time the ship-like thing would go down, it was like my soul was getting left behind. Okay I'm again exaggerating, but being thrown back and forth at such a height is no joke. It's fun and exciting, yes, but it's also scary. Even if you're locked to your seat by a metal seatbelt, you still feel like you're falling. Only you don't hit the ground, but get thrown higher, only to fall again with such great power.

The duration of the ride was I think three to four minutes. There were tears in my eyes when we got down, but my dearest and I were laughing at the same time. After riding the Anchors Away, we rested on a nearby bench for around 20 minutes. I needed time to re-compose myself and wait for my internal organs to settle down. Hahaha.

Last is the Wheel of Fate. It was a relaxing ride. When you're at the top, you're offered a panoramic view of the province. Such a beautiful sight. If only my knees didn't weaken when we were suspended at the top of that ferries wheel, the ride would've been perfect.

Because there were many gondolas attached to the Wheel of Fate, it took a lot of time for each of them to be occupied. Of course, the operators would alternately turn and stop the wheel to fill each of them. So while the others are alighting and new passengers are getting in, those who have gone before them remain motionless at the top. If you're scared of heights, you might panic. I don't really have a phobia, but being at the top of the ferries wheel for several minutes can be a bit scary.

Finally, the wheel turned. Wooohoooo! I really enjoyed the view. I saw the highway, fields, houses. Everything just stretched to the horizon. Beautiful.

My dearest and I rode five rides that day (make that six if you count the second time we rode the carousel). We skipped the daring and uber adventurous rides because we both knew we couldn't endure them. Haha.

I would love to go back to Enchanted Kingdom. It's a perfect weekend destination, especially when enjoyed with family, friends, or your other half.

*Photos taken by my dearest. Except for the last one, which I took using his cam. :)


  1. wow ang saya. im happy u got your breath taking day :) color ur hair red na!

  2. weeee thanks for dropping by. super saya talaga nung day na yun!

    haha i'm really thinking about it? some people have been suggesting that i try to color my hair, kahit highlights or something. i just don't know if i should kasi i'm afraid it might damage my hair etc etc. hehe

  3. It's been ages since the last time I've been to EK! and hindi na ata ako ganon katapang to try these daring rides again LOL

    Spanish Pinay

  4. @Spanish Pinay: Haha. Well, there's always the carousel. It's my favorite theme park ride ever. :)

  5. wow! I love theme parks pero takot akong i-try ang mga rides but once napapayag ako ng hubby ko ng pumunta kami sa Hili Fun city dito sa Al Ain. Never been to EK and I'm looking forward to visiting the place pag nakapagbakasyon.

    It really sounds like you enjoyed the rides.

  6. @Misalyn: Yup we really did. Pero di na ako sasakay sa Anchors Away! Haha! Aside from the carousel, uulit-ulitin ko ang Roller Skater (not mentioned in the post, maikli lang sya na roller coaster na hindi bumabaliktad) at Flying Fiesta. :D

    Thanks for dropping by.