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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Lipstick Love

WARNING: This is a very vain post.

Since my last two posts have been quite sad, I'm gonna post something light. Something that's usually a cause for girls to smile about.

Makeup. :) Haha!

Ever since I got that little makeover from Women's Health Philippines, I became interested in makeup. I'm no makeup junkie, but I became fascinated with it. :) Whenever I'm in the mall, aside from bookstores and my favorite clothes stores, I find myself checking out cosmetics stores and trying out some. And sometimes, I end up buying. Hehe.

Case in point: My visits to Etude House.

The first time I went there, I bought an eyebrow filler. When I came back to try out some lipsticks, I ended up buying a cute pink one.


Sweet and cute, isn't it?

The next time I went to Etude House, I didn't have plans to buy anything. I was just trying on a few lipstick shades, but the saleslady was so persuasive. Haha! Yeah, I'm blaming her. She got me into buying an orange lipstick.


It's a warm orange shade, not the OMG-I-look-like-I'm-from-outer-space kind. And I like it. When I wear it, I don't put on blush anymore because I think the lipstick in itself is attractive already.

So there. Although I love putting on makeup, I don't overdo it. Too much makeup doesn't make anyone pretty, right? And I give my face a rest day from cosmetics. It needs to breathe, too.

So girls, how about you? Do you wear lipstick? What's your favorite shade? :)


  1. you are so cute! ♥ i love the orange lipstick, it totally suits you.
    i do not use any cosmetics/makeup except kohl. :O

  2. Furreeee! I missed you! I'm so glad to see you here :D

    Kohl - is that the one you put on your eyes? :) It's gorgeous on you. It makes your eyes dramatic and more expressive. :)

    The thing with makeup/cosmetics, we don't have to put everything on our faces. We can choose just what's enough to highlight our best features :D