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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Me Time Sunday

Today was uneventful and quiet, but I didn't mind. Every Sunday, my family and I go to church to attend Mass and then have lunch either at SM Annex or Trinoma. But today, everyone had his/her own activity: my sister went to their company outing, my mom and her siblings had to visit one of their aunts, and my dad had to do something in the morning and said he would just go to church in the afternoon. Since I already woke up for the 10 a.m. Mass, I just went to church by myself. In fact, I spent the day all by myself, for myself.

So after Mass, I went to SM Annex, deposited a small amount to my savings account, had lunch, strolled in the mall - all by myself. It was a welcome break. I guess I needed some quiet time, too. To do something mindless like window shopping. Or to simply think of nothing and just go wherever my feet take me.

And for those reasons, I am thankful for this quiet day.

Besides, yesterday, I already had an exciting, fun-filled one. My dearest and I went to Enchanted Kingdom to celebrate our one year anniversary. Yehey! Our anniversary was last June 16, and we planned to go there last June 25, but because of the typhoon, we didn't push through. Thankfully, the sun shone yesterday. So yehey!




  1. i love the pictures, they are too cute! ♥
    i'm glad you had some time to yourself.

  2. Ikaw na talaga! <3 HAHAHAHAHA :))

    Yikee ang saya-saya nya :D

  3. @Furree Katt: Thanks! :D Me-time is just as important as family time/time for friends/time for significant other. :)

    @Marc: Oo ako na! Wahahahahaha :))

  4. @Paolo: Yiheeee rin! Hahaha. Magdala ka rin ng date mo sa EK :P hehehe

    @Spanish Pinay: Of course! Hahahaha

  5. it sounds like you had a pretty good weekend here... :)