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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Live to Dance Finals

I was watching the finals of Live to Dance this afternoon on Star World. And boy, the acts nailed my eyes on television. I didn't want to miss a number. They were all amazing and so deserving of a spot in the finals.

Here are my three favorite acts. I chose them because I found them inspiring and moving. These acts made me want to get up and dance as well. Here they are.

1. White Tree Fine Art

White Tree Fine Art's performance was simply awwwwwww. This husband-and-wife tandem made ballet look like it's so easy to do. The way they moved - so light and graceful yet so precise - was captivating. As one of the judges said, they built a world of their own, and they're inviting people in through their dancing.

2. Kendall Grover

When I watched Kendall at her audition, she instantly became my favorite. She reminded me of my favorite finalist in Got to Dance UK, Emily. They both dance contemporary, and I love how they show mastery and precision in each of their moves and being fluid at the same time. Emily's performances include a lot of gymnastic stunts though, while Kendall's always show her personality. I want Kendall to win.

3. D'Angelo and Amanda

OMG! I don't know how to describe them! To say they're amazing is an understatement. Their performance just blew me away. Love it love it love it! Now I'm torn between them and Kendall. I want them to win, too! They're young but they soooooooo dance like professionals, probably even better than the contestants I've seen in So You Think You Can Dance. And they got a standing ovation in their performance in the auditions and in the finals. So well deserved. Their tango was so strong and intense, and yet they didn't look like their trying hard to be adults. They still maintained their youth and freshness. And I love how Amanda wasn't wearing heels, not even low ones. I hate seeing young girls wearing heels. I don't think it's appropriate for their age and for their still developing muscles.

So who won? It's.... D'Angelo and Amanda! OMG! Congratulations to the two of them. I wish to see more dances from this duo. If they dance like that now, how would they dance when they're, say, 20? They're so wonderful, and I hope their talent would inspire and touch more people.

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