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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Beauty in Mica's art

Beauty comes in many forms, and those in the creative industry have various ways of depicting or capturing it. Each of these ways is a form of art - a painting, a stunning photograph, a harrowing sonata, a moving poem - that deserves even the tiniest bit of appreciation. By recognizing the beauty present in these forms, we acknowledge the talent of the artist behind those works and his or her ability to connect to us through the things he or she does best.

I am not a visual artist, but I am captivated by paintings, drawings, sketches, and photographs, especially if they were created by young, budding artists. I feel that there's something in their works that communicate with me, or something I can relate to. Or maybe, I'm simply amazed by their talent and that is reason enough for me to love their works.

Take a look at these works. They're by my former classmate in Math, Mica. She's a fine arts student majoring in visual communication. She's I think two or three years younger than me. Anyway, I follow her two Tumblr accounts and I love her works. Here:

From Project 365 v.2

"Pause" (left) and "The Edge" (right). Visit Project 365 v.2 to see her other photographs.

From Project 365 of Graphic Arts

"Tee Bag" (left) and "The Perfect Fit" (right). Visit Project 365 of Graphic Arts to see her other illustrations.

My dearest said her illustrations can make for great t-shirt designs. I say, why not? If I see them on shirts, I would definitely buy one of those.

It won't be long before she graduates from the university. She can land a job in advertising, or in a publishing company (like where I work now). I hope, in whatever job she lands on, she doesn't lose her own style. I wouldn't want to see her talent be wasted. :)


  1. Mica is really talented...a fine artist with subtle style.

    Sabi nga nila, sa iba't ibang forms ng art naaappreciate ng iilan ang other side of people, things, culture at iba pa.