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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Another photo with friends

Rummaging through my now neglected Friendster account weeks ago led me to this photo:

From Left: Me, Irene, and Alariz

The two girls who are with me in the photo are among my closest friends. In my high school barkada (group of friends), we are six, as I've mentioned in this post, but when all six of us aren't together, I'm with these two. We call ourselves The Fates, named after the trio in Greek Mythology who decide man's destiny. I can't remember why we chose to name our trio after them. I guess we were having a hangover from our literature classes when we came up with this name.

I seriously miss these two. They weren't with us when Monica, one of my friends, came for a visit last December, and we met in Trinoma, along with two of my other friends, Jessica and Maita. We all have different schedules that's why planning a meet up is difficult. Hardly all of us are free at the same time. One or two are bound to be not available.

This photo was taken on February 14, 2005, Valentine's Day on our senior year during the school's Bandfest. It was a night full of good music, groove to the beat, singing with the bands, and simply having fun. We didn't have a prom (even up to now, our school doesn't hold proms), but a night like Bandfest was just as memorable. We got to set aside our academic worries for a while, don our most comfortable attire, and dance the night away with our precious friends - people we would surely miss after graduation, like how I miss them right now.

= = =

I would like to thank Furree Katt for giving me this award:


That's so sweet of you. You made my day. :D Thank you!

Conditions of accepting award:
1. Thank and put a link back to the person who so kindly gave this award.
2. Share a few things about yourself.
3. Pass the award onto some mighty fine bloggers.
4. Inform these mighty fine bloggers that they have received the award.

So here are a few things about myself:
1. My favorite ice cream flavor is cookies and cream. Next to that is mango. I don't like chocolate ice cream. I eat that flavor, too, but it doesn't count as among my favorites. It's too sweet.

2. I love Rugrats. My favorite character is Angelica even if she's mean to the other babies. She just has a strong personality, and she's smart. :)

3. I drink lots of water. I can't eat a meal without at least two glasses.

4. I'm not fond of wearing sneakers or rubber shoes. Give me flats or sandals anytime.

5. I would love to go to Paris and London someday. But before I visit those places, I want to go on a tour in my own country first, then Asia. Now if only I could have all that travel money in an instant... hehehe

Now, it's time to give this award to other bloggers. These bloggers never fail to show the beauty and goodness of life in their posts. And for that, congratulations to:

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Congratulations! And to everyone, have a great week ahead! :)


  1. sweet you,
    Thanks a ton,

    I have 3 or 4 awards given to me and did not pass them yet.

    You rock!

  2. Thanks for the award Kat! so sweet of you. Will try to make a separate blogpost about the award soon...try ko mag-share something about me but I guess yung "About and My Wishlist" page ng Al Ain City Daily Phot eh nandun na lahat.

    It's nice to know a lil' something about you.

    Thanks again!

  3. you're welcome. :D
    i used to love Rugrats, too!
    i like Cookies and Cream, but i LOVE Chocolate.
    i'm a huge sneakers fan :P and i wish i drank as much water as you do! that's really healthy.

    the picture of you and your friends is so cute.

    and OMG, i have visited Al-Ain numerous times when i used to live in Dubai. i love that place.

  4. This is life. People jsut can't stay together forever.

    nice award :)

  5. @Jingle and Misalyn: You're welcome. You deserve the award. :)

    @Furree Katt: I'd rather eat chocolate as it is than a chocolate-flavored ice cream. Hehehe. About Al Ain, if it's so beautiful in Misalyn's photos, all the more when you're there. You're lucky to have visited it many times. :)

    @Talha and Asma: Wow thanks for visiting my blog :D Yeah people can't stay together forever. My friends and I lead separate lives. But what's important is that our friendship stays strong even if we seldom see each other. :)