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Friday, February 18, 2011

After Valentine's, what now?

So after posting 14 poems for 14 consecutive days, what did I gain? Materially, none. It wasn't as if those poems were for sale, and I wasn't asking people to buy them. All I wanted was to celebrate Valentine's in a special way, doing something that I love and happen to do pretty well (I'm not bragging. Please don't get me wrong). To celebrate the season of hearts, I wanted to create something from my heart.

And I think I succeeded.

I was overwhelmed with the response I got from you (yes you!) - the bloggers who read my every post, people who come here just to pass time, fellow poets who are with me in this craft, bloggers who never fail to leave words of encouragement in my comment box, words that say how much my poems moved them, how much they loved my pieces. You keep me going. You make me want to write and post more entries even if I'm tired from work at the end of the day. You make me want to take a break once in a while from my busy schedule and seek refuge in my online home.

Thank you so much for appreciating my works, especially the Valentine's Series. I thank God for giving me this talent and for guiding me as I took on this self-imposed challenge. And of course, I thank my dearest, my candle of inspiration that will never melt even when lighted for a long time.

Since it's still February, the love month isn't over yet. Haha. So I'm ending this entry with this cute song by Kiss Jane. Its title is Lagi, which, in English, means "always." In the chorus, the girl sings how her beloved is always in her mind and heart.


I would like to thank Jingle for this award:

Your support to all poet-bloggers really means a lot to us. You rock! :D


  1. your poems were AMAZING. i loved each and every one of them. you've got really awesome talent! your blog is one of my favourites. :D i'm your biggest fan, haha. i'm so glad i found your blog. ♥
    looking forward to more stuff from you :D i never thought i would like poetry but i adore yours!

  2. Furree! :D Thank you soooooooo much. I couldn't thank you enough. When you said before that you weren't interested in poetry but you look forward to reading mine, my heart jumped! :D I love your blog, too. It's so refreshing and honest and unpretentious. When I see in my dashboard that you have a new post, I come to your blog right away. :D

  3. aww you're welcome :D YES YES YOUR POEMS ARE THE ONLY ONES I READ. :D
    thank you soooo much! ♥

    p.s i awarded you. :D