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Monday, November 15, 2010

When the wind gets cold

Cold air, especially in the morning,  is a sure sign that Christmas is around the corner. With the cooler temperature, we struggle to get out of bed every morning because burying ourselves beneath the sheets seems the most wonderful thing to do in times like this.

When the wind gets cold. Paglamig ng Hangin. How I love this Christmas song, and when I was still in college, I would look forward to singing this with the ICTUS choir for caroling. Its poignant lyrics and melody can warm, move, and touch hearts in one way or another. Whenever we sing this song, I ponder on the lyrics, and I always think that Paglamig ng Hangin is a song of longing. Nothing can be colder than Christmas spent away from the ones you love.

Paglamig ng hangin, hatid ng Pasko
Nananariwa sa 'king gunita
Ang mga nagdaan nating Pasko
Ang Noche Buena't Simbang Gabi

Nostalgia. You look back at the past, recounting happy memories with the people you treasure: family, friends, your other half, significant others.

Narito na ang Pasko
At nangungulila'ng puso ko
Hanap-hanap, pinapangarap
Init ng pagsasalong tigib sa tuwa
Ng mag-anak na nagdiwang
Sa sabsaban ng unang Pasko

The song's refrain sums up the longing that is felt. By whom? The song's composer, the singer, people listening to the song. You. The sense of longing intensifies when you realize it's already Christmas day and you're not with the people you want to be with.  So you continue to look back at times bygone - your cherished memories keeping you company as if to make up for the absence of the ones you love.

Sa pag-awit muli ng himig Pasko
Nagliliyab sa paghahangad

Makapiling kayo sa gabi ng Pasko
Sa alaala'y magkasama tayo

"At Christmas, all roads lead home," says American writer Marjorie Holmes. People go back to where they came from - to their families. Bus stations are packed with passengers going home to the provinces. At the airport, hugs and kisses await the family members going home from abroad. And for those who have no province to go home to, like me, going home is looking forward to going to church and attending mass as a family and to the Christmas meals shared with cousins and relatives (yummy pasta! This is a holiday staple in my family :) ).

Paglamig ng Hangin. The holidays are fast approaching. We get excited and sentimental at the same time. We look forward to spending it with our families and loved ones. But no matter where we are, and no matter where are loved ones are, I believe Christmas resides in our hearts (cheesy as it sounds), so we'll always be connected, whether we live in one house or we're miles and oceans apart.

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