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Sunday, October 19, 2014

The Perfect Ending: Trip to Kabigan Falls

June 24, 2014. This was our last day in Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte. Paula and I were set to leave for Manila in the afternoon. We had one more item in our itinerary to cross out: Kabigan Falls.

Kabigan Falls is located near Casa Consuelo, where Paula and I were staying. We just had to hire a tricycle to take us there and back to Casa Consuelo. That morning, after breakfast, Paula and I left Casa and took on a 15-minute (or was that 20 or 30? I wasn't able to keep track, or maybe I simply didn't care hehehe) ride to the falls.

When we got to the site, Paula and I registered at the entrance, and paid the fee for the guide who would lead the way to the falls. Paula and I merely brought a few things with us--towels, a bottle of water each, and some petty cash. Going to the falls entails a 30-minute trek and I bit of climbing, and you wouldn't want to carry a heavy bag for that.

Trekking to the falls is being close to nature. We were surrounded by trees, grass, view of the mountains, cows crossing the trail, and the soothing sound of the flowing stream. The sun was also shining brightly, its warm rays kissing our faces.

I took this on our way back. Sorry, the photo is blurry.

I walked a bit slower than Paula and our guide because the sandals that I was wearing isn't really made for trekking. They're rubber, but they're more like beach sandals. Haha. Note to self: bring the right footwear next time. Walking wearing those sandals was fine, but for the climbing-on-rocks part, wearing them was quite a challenge. I had to extra careful, or else I would slip.

When we finally got to the falls, Paula and I had one realization: The 30-minute trek going there is soooo worth it.

It's like being cradled in Mother Nature's soothing embrace. 

Paula and I wasted no time. We immediately went for a swim in the cool water of Kabigan Falls. The whole experience was glorious! The water was cool and refreshing. It was as if everything that was in our minds at that time--work the next day, stressful life in Manila--disappeared. All that mattered was that very moment, when all we had to do was swim and laugh and simply enjoy nature. 

There was a family swimming there when we got to the falls, but when they left, Paula and I burst out into Disney songs. We sang Part of Your World and Colors of the Wind shamelessly, since we had the whole falls to ourselves anyway (and oops, our guide, enduring our singing). We couldn't help it. we just had to sing. 

Then, after about an hour of swimming, it was time for us to go. The trip to Kabigan Falls was the perfect ending to our perfect vacation. Indeed, nothing beats saying hello to nature and reveling in its simple, unadulterated beauty. 

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