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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Tour Proper

Before I start writing about the rest of my Ilocos Norte trip, let me just say that I can't believe that I've let months slip by without finishing this series of entries. My trip was last June, started writing about it in July, and it's now OCTOBER! :( I've been really busy with work that I didn't notice the months slipping by.

Anyway, now I have the chance to finish the series. I apologize for this long overdue entry.

Sunday, June 22, was devoted to going around Pagudpud and nearby towns to see tourist attractions. One of them is the Bantay Abot Cave, which overlooks Blue Lagoon. This is part of the area where Paula and I were staying, so we decided to go to Bantay Abot Cave first.

View of the sea before going up the "cave."

It's not really a cave, but more of a huge rock with an opening in the middle.

The view from the "cave." Just ignore me, posing for the camera. 
Isn't the blue sea glorious?

Paula's uncle, Tito Marleo, toured us around. He works as an engineer for the Bangui Wind Turbines, and he gets to live in this paradise of a town. How enviable! Hehe. 

Nest, we went to the Patapat Viaduct, the fourth longest bridge in the Philippines. It connects the Maharlika Highway from Laoag, Ilocos Norte to Cagayan Valley. 

We can't get enough of the sea. It's so beautiful. 

Hi Paula!

Oh, the sea. I hope it remains blue and beautiful even if a lot of tourists come. 

Another must-see when you're in the north is the Bangui Wind Farm. In the farm are the Bangui Wind Turbines, which were built to harness wind to generate electricity. 

Wind turbines all lined up on the shore. 

The obligatory turista shot. Hehehe

And you just can't miss the beauty of nature surrounding you. 

At the right side is the charming Kangkang Windmill Cafe, where we had our lunch.

I have no words to describe the beauty of this place. 

Next on our itinerary is the Kapurpurawan Rock Formation. As Paula had described it, it's like the road to Isengarde. 

The white parts of the rock formation used to be submerged in water ages ago.

And of course, another turista shot. 

We went to Cape Bojeador Lighthouse, also known as Burgos Lighthouse, next. It dates back to the Spanish Colonial period, and this lighthouse serves as a welcoming signal for ships coming through the northwestern part of the archipelago. 

The structure may be old, but is certainly charming and captivating.

My turista shot. 

After the tour, we attended Sunday mass in Laoag and ate cake at La Preciosa. It was our last night in Ilocos Norte, but Paula and I couldn't be sad yet, because we were set to visit another beautiful spot the next day: Kabigan Falls. And so we rested our exhausted bodies to prepare for the next day's trip. 


  1. This one of my list at hindi ko ma push inggit tuloy ako:(

  2. Malapit lang siguro sa amin to since part of North din ang place namin. Aabutin pa din ng hourssss ang byahe. BUT, I've never been in this place. Gusto ko din sana makapunta dyan. Very beautiful kahit na maliliit lang yung pictures.

    1. Hi Shayn!

      Sana mapuntahan mo rin ito. Super sulit ang biyahe. :-) Sorry sa small pictures. Mahirap kasi maupload pag malalaki at matagal magload. Hehe.