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Wednesday, May 18, 2011


I was so late in almost all my commitments for today. The first one took so long to finish. Hence, everything else got delayed. They were shoots in different locations, and I was late in all of them. I was so ashamed and frustrated with myself.

Traffic was bad. The heat drained my energy. When we were done with all the photo shoots, I thought I was also done with these unfortunate events. But no! On our way back to the office, our vehicle malfunctioned. At the middle of a busy road. And to top it all off, when the vehicle was moved to the sidewalk, it began to rain! Oh goodness! Was today an extension of Friday the 13th? Was it mercury retrograde?

And to add to this frustration, I wasn't able to meet my deadlines this month, except I think for two articles. But the rest, I wasn't satisfied because it took me so long to finish them. I still have pending assignments, and I'm so tired, I feel weak, and can I just faint and lose consciousness?

I know all these will be over. They have to be. This Friday. Or else, there won't be any copy of our magazine in newsstands next month. That's the thing with working in the publishing industry. Days just go on and on and on and on. Deadlines are always there, whether you're feeling perfectly well or not. And as in every industry, things don't get done on their own. Because if they do, I'd probably do a dozen cartwheels out of joy, even if I don't know how to do one.

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