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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Cup of tea

Lately, I've been feeling what I dread every time I eat - I feel like throwing up after. I first felt this several months ago, and I thought it's just because of oily food, or eating something heavy after my stomach has been empty for so long. Or maybe I can no longer eat as much as I do before, so my packed lunch has shrunk in serving size, which is probably why my mom said I'm becoming slimmer (something I did not intend to do). When last week, I felt like throwing up again even if I didn't eat something oily, I kinda worried. Do I need to eat smaller amounts of food, smaller than it already is?

So I went to the doctor yesterday. The doctor asked to have my blood count checked. At the laboratory, the lady (nurse? lab person?) after having found the vein, pricked my right arm to extract blood. Nothing came out, and guess what she did next? She moved and moved the needle, trying to find my vein, while it's still inserted in my right arm. Ouch. It didn't hurt much though, but it stung! Like hello, she could've pulled that needle off my arm first when she couldn't find that freakin' vein! When she finally did, she stepped out of the extraction room after saying that we'll do another try. Then, another lady came in. She asked me from what arm usually does my blood get extracted from. I told her it's from the left (the first lady didn't ask me that. She could've asked me pala, instead of just moving that freakin' needle when she couldn't find the vein). So there. She inserted the needle in my left arm, and out came the blood.

I'm going back on Friday for the results. The doctor asked me if I'm taking medications or something. I said I've been taking iron supplements since I was 15 because of anemia. He said if my blood count is okay and I'm not anemic, those iron supplements could be causing that I-wanna-throw-up feeling. I hope it's just that and nothing serious. I'm going back on Friday for the results.

Anyway, in the meantime, whenever I feel like throwing up, I turn to a cup of tea to help me keep the food down. It works, so I kept packets of jasmine green tea in my office cabinet.

My cup and my tea

Thanks for this tea I haven't thrown up in the office after eating. I don't want that to happen, because I might not make it to the washroom and just leave a mess on the floor (eew!). And to my dear stomach, please keep the food down. I seriously want to eat without worrying that I might throw up after. And I want to enjoy eating. Okay? Work with me, please. :)


  1. Kumi! Thanks! Yeah I will. :) Syempre lalo na ngayong magp-Pasko. Pano ako makakakain sa mga gatherings da buh? :D Hehehe. Kamusta ka na?