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Friday, May 4, 2012

The Choir I Joined

After a suuuuuper long hiatus from the blogging world (three months!), I'm back. Hello everyone! To say that I was busy these past three months is an understatement. What took most of my time, aside from my magazine job, is the choir that I joined last December: Kammerchor Manila. A friend invited me to audition, and I got in as trainee.

Since then, my schedule has changed, especially because I joined at a time when the choir was preparing for its 20th Annivesary Concert, held last April 14. We would rehearse twice to thrice a week, to almost every day as the concert date drew near. There were times when I thought of giving up because of exhaustion, thinking, "What have I gotten myself into?" It was hard to divide my time between work and the choir, because both are equally demanding crafts. But when the concert was over, everything was, cliche as it sounds, sooo worth it.

Here are some photos taken by my dad:

Conductor Anthony Go Villanueva and Kammerchor Manila
The choir following the conductor

Projecting while getting ready for the next song hehe

Change positions

Ikaw Lamang

Me and my partner, Othan, while performing Ikaw Lamang

Soloists Tynna and Rufo for the song, Ikaw Lamang

Soloists Tynna and Rufo for the song, Ikaw Lamang

More singing

Here's a video of us singing one of songs in our repertoire. The song is titled Galawgaw, describing a woman who is not prim and proper, and who is liberated based on the existing norms in a conservative society. I love this song. It's such a joy to perform. 

My dearest took this video, and was focusing the camera on me, positioned at the right side, that's why the camera wasn't at the center. Hehe. 

After the concert and after I've uploaded the photos and videos on Facebook, I could feel that my parents, especially my dad, were proud. My dad was even the one thanking the people who liked this photo on Facebook. 

Me with my proud parents
Now, we're back to our regular rehearsals and singing at the church. I feel blessed to be given an opportunity to sing on stage with a choir such as Kammerchor Manila. I know that there will be times when I'll feel exhausted again (we all are) as I juggle rehearsals with my job. But I won't give this up. I just have to pray to God to give me strength to endure everything. He gave me this, so He'll be with me as I do my best in practicing and singing my heart out together with the choir. 


  1. kaya naman pala tagal nawala! nice ah. galing! congrats :)

    1. Bilis magcomment ah! Thanks Bino :D

  2. Wow, congratulations!

    It's not easy to be part of a choir, kaya bilib ako sayo!
    Sadly, I was not able to hear you sing sa UBLOG Getaway sa Iloilo...
    My wish is for you to be a soloist of your choir someday...

    He (or she) who sing well, prays twice... - St. Augustine...

    Keep singing!

  3. Wow maraming salamat po, mahal na poon! Hehe. Di bale there'll be another chance para magvideoke ulit ang mga U-blogers. Hehe. Soloist? Hehe sounds unlikely since most solo parts are given to the sopranos (I'm an alto), but who knows? Nothing is impossible. :) Thanks!