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Saturday, January 7, 2012


I've been barefaced for three weeks, except on Christmas Day, when I dabbed some powder on my face, put on mascara and eyeliner, and filled my brows. But the rest of the days were cosmetic-free, because I had lesions on my face caused by a viral infection. The doctor said I got that virus from other people.

The infection had been gone two weeks ago, but it left my face super dry as though you're touching a fine sandpaper. The doctor said it was because of the cold weather, so she prescribed a gentle cleanser, moisturizer, and ointment to keep my face from itching.

On the days when my face had not yet returned to its normal state, I didn't put on makeup, not even pressed powder. When I went back to work last Monday, I did so with a shiny face. Seeing my bare face in the mirror made me miss my made up face, but I realized having a bare face once in a while can be liberating. We are not required by company rules to put on makeup all the time, but since our fields involves meeting and interviewing a lot of people, it pays to be presentable. Last Monday was the first time I went to the work with nothing but moisturizer on my face, and it felt good. Nobody said I looked bad. And that's what I call real beauty hahaha!

This afternoon, I went to my dermatologist for my follow-up checkup. She said my face already looks good. She just prescribed the same moisturizer, another cleanser for maintenance (which I will buy when I use up the entire bottle of gentle cleanser), and a hypo-allergenic pressed powder. This served as a reminder for me to be careful with what I put on my face, especially now that it has become extra-sensitive. And that I don't need to put much, because hey, why would I want to cover up good, healthy skin, right? :)


  1. Aww.. so eto yung story behind the tweets. Naku, kahit naman walang make-up, ganda babae ka pa rin naman, ms Kathy. hehe.. Yes, that's what you call REAL beauty. Naks! :D

    Tama. Kung healthy and skin mo, why would you wanna cover it up? No need.. you'd simply glow. :)

  2. Haha thanks, Ms. Leah. Magaganda talaga ang mga babaeng U-bloggers :D At tska ginawa ang makeup para i-enhance ang natural beauty, so hindi dapat tadtarin nito ang face :)

  3. wag lang dagdagan ng todong make up it will make u older when u get old hahaha maarte mukha ko at ayaw ng kung anong2x ek2x syadong choosy!! lol hehehehe

  4. @quin: Yes nagmumukha nang clown or retokada or something pag ang kapal ng makeup. :)

    @tndcallphilippines: I agree, too! :)