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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Iloilo Weekend Part 1

It's been a week since I came back from Iloilo, and I can't help but look back and reminisce. I've been excited about this trip ever since I booked our tickets last August. When Ate Roanne told me about this trip with the U-Bloggers, I didn't have second thoughts about joining. I even went ballistic panicked when I found out that Airphil Express doesn't accept JCB, my credit card, for online reservations. Good thing Zest Air saved us from not being left behind. So while the others would be flying on Airphil, my dearest and I would go on Zest Air.

The trip was scheduled on November 4. We would be staying there until the sixth. When November 3 came, I was sooooo excited. Actually, I was already excited the weekend before November 4. As the days drew near, I couldn't sleep because of excitement. Haha!

November 4 came. My dearest and I went to the airport before sunrise, without any sleep! I probably had a half-hour nap or so, but it wouldn't qualify as a decent rest. Also, my tummy hadn't been so cooperative since the previous day because of acid reflux. I just prayed that everything would go well - from having a safe flight to none of us getting hurt or sick.

Finally, we arrived in Iloilo. Yahoo! As the plane was descending from the sky, I saw the green fields that were so picturesque when viewed from above. Too bad I wasn't able to take a photo of it. But then, I didn't have a cam! Haha! I only had my cellphone camera.

We were with U-bloggers Bon and Joel at the same flight. We met U-bloggers Cj and Bernard. Then, U-bloggers Leah and Mel, who both hail from Iloilo, picked us up at the airport.

Everyone was waiting for us at Mel's house. They had an earlier flight so they got to Iloilo hours before we did. After having breakfast, we got in our rented jeep and off we went for the city tour.

First stop was the church in Jaro. In high school, one of my friends told me that if it's your first time in a church, you should make a wish and it will come true. Ever since then, whenever I enter a church for the first time, especially old churches, I make a wish. Wishes even. And I pray for them. And I believe God will grant them in His time.

Next stop was the Museo Iloilo. There were artifacts - porcelain, old fabrics and clothes, fossils, jars, and santos - that form the history of Western Visayas. Contemporary artworks were also on display.

Of course, we wouldn't leave without taking a group photo.

(left) The U-Bloggers. Photo by Bon Talampas, Jr. of TARAGIS
(right) With Ate Roanne (thank you for lending me your shades ^__^). Photo by my dearest John Laurence Patulan

After the Museo, it was already midday. We went to our respective hotels, checked in, dropped off our things, and proceeded to Tatoy's Manokan and Seafood for lunch. We ordered quite a lot - chicken, fish, and that controversial valenciana, which made Bernard say this quotable quote: "Di ma-rationalize ng diwa ko. Parang pumuputok-putok na kendi sa bibig ko." (My mind can't rationalize it. It's like candies bursting in my mouth) My translation doesn't do justice to the original quote. It was really funny when he delivered it. Wahahahaha!

At Tatoy's. Photo by John Laurence Patulan

Next stop was Miag-ao, which was approximately forty-five minutes (or was that more?) away from where we were. Our driver drove so fast. The wind didn't just caress our faces; it messed up our hair! Hahaha! So much for "mahangin ba sa labas" (loosely translated as "is it windy outside?").

In Miag-ao, we visited another old church: the Miag-ao Church which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. I don't know how old is the church, but I'm certain it's been there since the Spanish colonial period. It's been there for centuries. It was beautiful and... intimidating. I'm always intimidated by old structures, probably because they've withstood the test of time, and there I am, standing in awe.

(left) Inside Miag-ao Church.
(right) Me at the facade of the centuries-old church. Photo by John Laurence Patulan

After our visit to Miag-ao, we headed back to our respective hotels to shower and change clothes. We then had dinner at Freska and went on night life mode at Pirates. We basically had fun that night, dancing on our seats and singing to the tune of whatever song the band was performing. It was a looooooooong day, especially for me who didn't have any sleep the night before. Haha! But the good part was only starting, because the next day, *drum roll please*, we were going to the beeeeeeaaach! Woohoo! :D


  1. awesome post! Cant wait for part two! :D bino of

  2. Hi Kath, i super love this post. Galing na writer. Parang nahiya naman ang magiging blog entry ko neto. Goodluck haha. It made me miss iloilo and ubloggers more. :)

  3. @John: Yey thanks for liking!:D

    @Bino: Weeee thanks! Playback lang nang playback sa utak ko yung Day 2 di ko tuloy alam kung pano sisimulan. Haha! Will write it ASAP :D

    @bonbon: Haha thanks! Nyek wala namang nakakahiyang post whatsoever. Basta enjoy lang sa pagblog dahil bonggang nag-enjoy rin naman tayo. Aabangan ko post mo :D Kakamiss tuloy ang Iloilo

  4. Yay!! 'Twas nice to finally meet you, ms katherine. :) You're so pretty.. your dimples! kakyut! and your Beach hut modelling was awesome.. di ko makalimutan. hahaha! Kulang na lang tlaga, binidyuhan ka dun.. model na model! hehehe..

    next trip, Macau? Wooot!

  5. Hi Kat! ^^ nice meeting you and your dearest.^^

    englishero! hik! haha (nalasing sa dugo sa ilong ko) haha

    salamat sa memories at sa masayahing kat na nakilala namin! ^^

  6. @Leah: Super glad na nameet kita finally, Ms. Leah. Ikaw rin naman maganda, inside and out! :D Tapos ang lambing lambing mo pa magsalita. Macau? Pangkabuhayan showcase na pag-iipon ito kung ganun! Hahaha :D

    @Bonistation: Hi Bon! Salamat din sa pag-alalay sa min sa airport. Honestly di ko alam gagawin namin kung di namin kayo nakasabay sa flight hehehe. Salamat sa paglead sa buong group throughout the trip. :D

  7. Wow na wow! Nakita ko yung mga pics sa FB and mas lalo akong naiinggit ng mabasa ko 'tong post mo. ANg ganda naman sa Iloilo. Wish ko lang mapunta kami dyan someday. Ehek! Nakapunta na pala si hubby ko dyanway back 1996, so ako na lang pala lol!

  8. Lol! Haha oo maganda di ko nga inexpect na may mga ganung kagandahang kaming masa-sight dun. Tapos buhay na buhay rin ang nightlife so para sa mga mahilig gumimik, swak din siya :)