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Tuesday, October 25, 2011


How does it feel to be 23?

I don't know exactly. Not much different from being 22, I guess? Probably because when I turned 22 last year, it was my first birthday with my dearest beside me (since in my previous birthdays, I was single hehe), so I was so excited to celebrate my birthday differently. I had the whole day to myself to do what I wanted, and I spent it watching a movie and eating at Bigoli (pasta woohoo!) with my dearest. My 22nd birthday was a Saturday, and Saturdays are my me-days, so it was perfect.

But this year, my birthday fell on a Sunday and coincided with the celebration of my grandparents' birthdays. My grandmother's birthday was October 5, and my grandfather's was September 30. My mother and her siblings decided to celebrate their birthdays on October 9, Sunday, which was my birthday. At first, I felt a little upset because I had plans on how to celebrate it, but of course, we all had to be there at my grandparents' birthday celebration. But maybe it was God's way of telling me not to be selfish. Yes, it was my special day, but it wouldn't hurt me to share it with other people. So from morning until afternoon, I was with my relatives celebrating my grandparents' birthdays. After the party, my dearest and I watched a movie (last year, it was Eat, Pray, Love; this time it was Friends with Benefits haha), just like I had planned.

So what did I learn on my 23rd birthday? To not be selfish, and to appreciate my family more - from my parents and sister to my aunts, uncles, and cousins... and counting. To take time to interact with them and share stories, even if sometimes, those stories have already been told a thousand times. Having lots of people around you may sometimes be annoying because you feel you can't do everything that you want, but hey, it's a blessing. My whole family may not be wealthy, but we always have each other.

So how does it feel to be 23? I feel a little more mature. I also feel that I'm a year closer to my goals. I know that God has lots of good things in store for me in the future, and with each birthday, one door leading to those is unlocked. It would be a waste of a special moment if I would choose to frown just because things didn't turn out according to my plan.

My cousins surprised me with a little cake while I was hosting at the party.
Thank you. :)


  1. belated happy birthday Kath! :)

    mas matanda pa pala ko sa'yo. i thought nung una, around 27 ka na ganyan. tapos ang dating mo parang editor-in-chief ng isang glossy magazine. haha! :)

  2. belated happy birthday! btw I LOVE your dress:)

  3. you're 23! YAY! belated happy birthday ♥
    i have mixed feelings about shared birthdays. sometimes i don't mind sharing my special day with someone, and sometimes i feel annoyed when anyone suggests a joint birthday party. i'm glad you had fun :) your dress is fabulous.

  4. Kat!! belated happy birthday. wow i feel like i haven't seen you for sooo long!!! you're so cute and sexy in your candid picture! :D

  5. @SOB: Thanks for the greeting! Haha 27? So you mean I look older than my age? hmmp! >.< hehehe peace

    @SunnyToast: Thanks for the greeting! And yey you like my dress... thanks! :D

    @The Gasoline Dude: Haha yeah. I still have much to learn about life :)

    @Furree Katt: Furreeeee! Thanks for the greeting. Maybe next year, I won't have to share my birthday with anyone, 'coz it's gonna fall on a Tuesday (and who parties on a weekday? Haha!) ;)

    @Kumiko: Kumiiii! I miss you and our talks, random or otherwise, and our exchange of downloaded music. Hehe. Thanks for the greeting and for that wonderful compliment :D take care!