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Monday, September 19, 2011


I haven't posted a new entry in two weeks, partly because I couldn't make time for it due to my busy schedule (it's that time of the month in the magazine where everyone is really busy), and partly because I chose to get a bit disconnected from the Internet.

I cannot totally disconnect myself from the Net because I use it for work, but to give myself a break, I can limit the time I spend being glued to the PC or Kaylie, my netbook, when I'm at home. I feel that I'm missing out on something when I'm constantly connected to the Internet. While I'm logged on to Facebook or Twitter, there might be a good movie being shown at that moment on HBO or Star Movies, which I would just miss because I'm busy checking my friends' updates. I could've been flipping pages of books instead of waiting for web pages to load.

The other weekend, I started to do the disconnecting, and it felt liberating. I finished reading Wicked, which I've been reading for several months already. I started reading a new one: Paulo Coelho's The Winner Stands Alone, which has been in my bookshelf since the start of this year. I was able to chance upon the Pinoy comedy Kimmy Dora on Cinema One, and had a good, laughing Sunday because of that. Last Monday, I watched the 9/11 interviews on National Geographic when I got home from work instead of aimlessly surfing the Net to kill time.

I'm still busy at work, and will continue to be. I'll still post entries in my blog, of course, reply to comments, and read other blogs. I love blogging, and I love the Internet. But like in a real relationship, parties need space. Hence, a bit of disconnecting is necessary, lest I become disconnected from other spheres of my life, and miss out on something great.


  1. I agree, we should sometimes disconnected to what we usually do everyday to realize how important they are in our lives.

  2. I understand you:) I usually disconnect myself from the net if i have loads of work and books to finish:)

  3. @GbSb: Our different relationships (family, friends, significant other) are I think the most important in our lives, and it is from these relationships that we must not get disconnected from. :) Thank you for dropping by and for your comment.

    @SunnyToast: Thanks for understanding. The Net is always here, and we can connect to it as soon as we finish what we have to do. Thanks for dropping by and for your comment. :D

  4. Ok lang yan Kat na pagkaminsan eh magpahinga muna tayo sa pagba-blog. I myself hibernate for a couple of weeks when I had my holiday in Pinas. Pero talagang hahanap-hanapin mo rin natin kasi part na sya ng buhay natin.