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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Green Images of Inspiration

I often see Images of Inspiration posts in Design is Mine , a design blog I frequently visit. Because of that, I was encouraged to come up with my own images of inspiration as well. Here they are in their green glory:

(The University of the Philippines Sunken Garden. I took this photo last June during an Ultimate beginners' tournament.)

(Water lilies. I also took this photo at the compound of old houses functioning as art galleries where these photos were shot.)

(More water lilies.)

(My favorite shot. The leaves are forming a shade from the afternoon sun.)

All images above were shot using my phone camera, because as usual, I didn't have a digital camera with me. I should bring one all the time, or better yet, maybe I should buy my own because our digital camera at home is for the whole family's use. But maybe I'll practice first using my phone camera, and let's see if I could come up with better shots. :)

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