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Monday, June 14, 2010

Ultimate love (again)

How I wish I could play like those women in the video. They're so good. I find this video inspiring and motivating. Practice, practice, and consistent practice - that's what I need to do before I could throw long and do those dives to catch the approaching disc. Last Monday, I discovered that my backhand throw is now messed up. Maybe because since I know that forehand throw is more difficult, I've worked on it so much that I wasn't able to give enough practice to my backhand throw. Tsk tsk. Oh well. Time to "resurrect" my backhand throw.

Tomorrow, it's UP DUO Beginner's Hat Tournament, and I'm excited! I hope it doesn't rain (although Ultimate is a rain-or-shine sport), because I still don't have a pair of cleats. Haha. My friends in Ultimate are gonna be there, too. So tomorrow, I hope nothing goes wrong and the day gets filled with fun, fun, and fun on the field. :D

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