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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Frisbee Mondays

Tonight was my second time in the Philippine Ultimate Association's Beginners' Night. It's the game of ultimate disc, or more popularly known as frisbee. Yes. I've never been sporty. I've never played any sport except in P.E. classes when I was still in school. But this sport caught my interest, and I'm so thankful to my friend for dragging me along with her to the Beginners' Night every Monday.

I've always known that exercise and physical activities release endorphins, the happy hormone. And true enough, even if I get tired from all the running we do in playing frisbee, and even if my legs hurt during the next couple of days, I don't mind. After every game, I always feel happy - from the company of amazing friends, from meeting new people, and from playing that wonderful sport.

I still suck at it though. I still can't throw the disc well. I still don't have the stamina to endure the intense running the sport requires. But in time, I'll get the hang of it. Soon, I'll be able to throw the disc well, catch it well, and run without panting after.

So there. Until next Monday. I'm looking forward to our next games.


  1. nobody is good at everything,
    if you have an open mind, you can learn anything,
    you will get it as you claimed,

    happy Sunday.

  2. Hi Jingle.

    Thanks for dropping by. :) I'm enjoying my newfound sport :)

    Have a nice weekend.