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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Palawan Weekend Part 1: Through the Rain

Last weekend, my college friends and I had THE vacation we've been waiting for: our trip to Coron, Palawan. Our friend, Ate Micah, celebrated her birthday last Friday, and the trip was her plan. She booked our tickets late last year so the fare would be cheaper and no one would back out at the last minute. Haha!

It was really a welcome break, with almost all of us working in the media. Stressful jobs. Stressful lives. We saved up for this trip. We filed vacation leaves. So not even the storm last week and the southwest monsoon last weekend could stop us! Haha! Our flight was last Saturday, the weather was bad, and the flights in other airlines going to Palawan were cancelled. But not ours. So lucky! Our flight was on hold for two hours, and we were hoping and praying and exploring our other options. When it was announced that we could already board the plane, we were all like "woooohooooo!!!!!"

But the weather didn't change.


  1. Watch out for the next entries in this series. Thanks for visiting, Furree Katt! :D