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Monday, November 9, 2015

Sunday walk

I love walking. For me, it's both exercise and therapy. Whether I'm walking in a park, or in a mall, or along a sidewalk, when done at a leisurely pace, walking is bliss.

It allows me to empty my mind. Of course, I still put my guard up and be cautious. But along with that, I think of nothing else but going forward. I leave all my worries behind and just walk.

Yesterday, as the sun was setting, my boyfriend Paul and I walked along Roxas Boulevard in Manila. The foul smell of Manila Bay notwithstanding (no thanks to garbage thrown into the sea), the walk was enjoyable. The sea breeze blew through my hair as Paul and I exchanged loving glances. We didn't talk much, but our hearts did the speaking.

We walked a distance of almost two kilometers--the equivalent of passing by two train stations on foot. We reached the CCP Complex. As we sat on the ledge framing the front of the cultural theater, I told Paul how lucky I am to have him.

The walk back to his place was another two kilometers. The leisurely pace let my mind calm down. As my hand rested in his, our hearts spoke words of love, and I felt at ease.

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