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Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Carousel

I choose the white horse
With golden hair
And red clothes that
Make him look like a prince.

I carefully mount myself
On the saddle,
Hold on to the golden pole
Like a little girl to her fantasies.

The bell rings, the carousel
Goes 'round, takes me
To a world of castles and candies,
And princesses playing on a sprawling garden

Where worries do not exist,
And afternoons are spent
Running and frolicking
On sweet-smelling grass.

The horse tickles
As it goes up and down,
Eliciting giggles in this journey
To a painted dream.

The world becomes a blur,
Everything fades, overpowered
By the twinkling lights.
I am transported.

Alas, the bell rings.
I go down, say goodbye to
The lights, the music, and the horse
That made me a child again.

-Katherine Lopez
17 July 2011


  1. and so the little pony goes round
    in a seemingly endless spiral
    straight to my heart, everything outside
    just a blur of color and shade

  2. @Paolo: Ang ganda naman ng stanza mo. Sulat ka rin ng mga tula mo :)

  3. How wonderful to feel our memories of childhood evoked and awakened by simple childhood pleasures that we have long abandoned. Sometimes I think we need to let go of everything and just pretend for a moment or two.

  4. Beautiful! he colors, the bell the going 'round, allcame through crystal clear! Love it!

  5. Dear Katherine

    I enjoyed taking the walk down the memory lane... Its lovely...
    Thanks for sharing...

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya

  6. @~L: Thanks! I'm glad you loved it. Deeply appreciated :)

    @PhotoDiction: Yes indeed. Sometimes, we become too caught up with eking our a living, earning to put food on the table, or finding ways to improve our careers that we forget the simple things that once made us happy. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. :)

    @lunawitch15: Thanks for your visit and for the comment. I'm glad you found this piece wonderful. :)

    @Marbles in My Pocket: Wow thanks! I'm glad my imagery came through. :) Thank you for your comment

    @Jingle: Thanks! Super thanks! I can't thank you enough for your Poetry Potluck and the support you're giving to poet-bloggers :)

    @meethimirchi: Thank you. I'm glad you loved it :)

    @Shashi: You're welcome. Thank you also for dropping a line. And I'm glad you enjoyed your walk down the memory lane :)

  7. This is a beautiful ride :)
    Very nicely done
    Thanks for sharing

  8. That's really superb one! I got time to enjoy each and every line written by you ...Thanks for share...

  9. was able to picture every word, great work!

  10. @sirrah2011: My pleasure in sharing it. I'm glad you liked it. Thank you very much :)

    @pure2core: Thank you also for reading it. I really enjoyed that carousel ride and writing this poem, and I'm glad you enjoyed my poem, too.

    @meethimirchi: If that's the case, then I couldn't be happier. Thank you so much. I'm glad I was able to paint pictures in your mind. :)

  11. Awww this is so beautiful, I really treasure moments like where wonder and innocence are restored

  12. @mindlovemisery: Wow thanks! I'm glad you liked it. I think in the midst of all the things that we have to juggle everyday, moments like those provide a welcome respite. So they're really worth treasuring. :) Thanks for dropping by.