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Sunday, July 24, 2011


Like a soda can
Thrown on the sidewalk,
Stepped on by unscrupulous
Soles of hard leather boots.

It makes a deafening sound
Of tin against cement,
The friction jolting a sleeping cat
Back to a harsh world.

The can caves in,
The heavy dent penetrates
And gnaws on the inside,
Hollow, useless, without purpose.

It is kicked by passers-by
And blown by a strong, cold wind,
Hitting alley walls and finally a trash bin,
Where it rightfully belongs.

-Katherine Lopez
24 July 2011


  1. but wait! there's more! :) took only moments,
    the shine of its red and white exterior
    no longer visible in the pile of urban excess,
    and then a kid's voice, a kid's hands.

    pulled out of the pile,
    wiped as if it was a prized possession,
    and then a clatter of tin emanates
    from within a black bag, and a smile.

  2. Beautiful rendering... love the posted part as well as the addition.

  3. @Paolo: Winner! You made the poem happy hehe. Thanks! :)

    @Reflections: Thank you. I'm glad you loved it. :) The two stanzas posted were welcome additions :D

  4. It goes to show you, even the wind will help if it has to.

  5. +1 to those who made this poem happy. the 'can' needs it. :) - JL

  6. @booguloo: Yup. When we're sad, we think everyone and everything around us is against us. But some of them serve as blessings in disguise. Thank you for your comment :)

    @JL dear: Thank you. :)

  7. great one,
    you make me see it happen, sad,
    profound entry.

  8. Totally love this. The life of a can -- crushing seems to be inevitable and sometimes it's needed to be reborn :)

  9. @Jingle: Yes, it's sad. I was sad when I wrote it, too. But, like one of the bloggers here who posted additional stanzas, we can turn things around and find reasons to smile. :) Thank you for your comment.

    @bendedspoon: I agree. For every stumble and fall, there's always a reason to stand up. Thank you for your comment. :)

  10. @Diamond R: I know, right? Thanks for dropping by :)