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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Miss Perfect

You're the epitome
Of everything
She has ever

You've got the face
Worthy of a magazine cover.
Smooth, silky hair
Cascading from your nape
Down to your back.

You've got the brains
To ace every exam,
Be at the top.
Everyone looks up to you
Like a goddess.

You're showered with
Every bit of comfort,
Never dining on an
Empty table, never leaving
With an empty purse.

You've got charm, talents,
Even a heart of gold.
They're drawn to you,
Attracted like ants
To a piece of caramel cake.

While she fades in the background,
Resenting her own life,
Wishing she could have more
Than her typical face, average skills,
And an almost empty purse.

-Katherine Lopez
11 July 2011


  1. Well done. The emotion comes through perfectly on cue.

  2. Thanks for the comment :) I'm glad that's how you saw it.

  3. the celebrity is simply one of us, despite that they have better luck.

    lovely message, glad to see you share,

  4. Kabog! ang galing! na nose bleed

    Every words capture the emotions! ang galing!

    Happy blogging!

  5. I could feel it all... but then the end was something that touched me deeply... I think that the life is all about what you could make out of it not what you already have ... so with the thought that this life of not being perfect can take a rest... and then move on to being the perfect person within I am....

    Thanks for joining in the Poetry Potluck WK 43 which I am hosting for the first time… hope you have liked it too…. and wish to see you again…

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya
    At Twitter @VerseEveryDay

  6. @Jingle: Yes, I agree with you. Celebrities may have all the fame and fortune, but at the end of the day, they're just like us people who have hopes and dreams, and are fallible, too. Thank you for your insight. :)

    @SunnyToas: Yes kabog ba? Pak! Hahahaha salamat sa pagbisita at sa comment. :)

    @Spanish Pinay: Wow thanks! :) I enjoy reading your blog, even if I'm not yet a mom. Insightful. :)

    @Shashi: Yes, I agree with you. The "she" in my poem wouldn't feel inadequate if she would stop comparing herself with others, right? But really, don't you sometimes wonder why some people seem to have almost everything? Just a thought. That's what made me write this poem. Thank you for sharing your thoughts about my poem. :)

  7. ultimately, it all falls on how you perceive yourself.. happiness and contentment is relative..

  8. @Paolo: Yes, that's true. Happy Weekend! :)

  9. Rich & famous doesn't equal happiness & contentment.
    A house full of poverty can be the happiest home if there is love & laughter within.

    Life is what we make it.

  10. @Andy: I agree. After all, material things are temporary, and so with fame. Thanks for your comment :)

  11. Satisfaction is in the eyes of the beholder.

  12. Sad story and too often people feel inferior and start having long-term self-esteem complexes. Thanks for sharing

  13. @booguloo: Yes indeed. Thanks for visiting and for your comment. :)

    @Luke Prater: I agree. No matter how much we know that we shouldn't compare ourselves with others and that fame and riches aren't the most important things in life, seeing that someone is way, way better off even if you know you work just as hard as them can affect your self-esteem. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.