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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Things I enjoyed this week

The first work week of the year has passed, and thankfully, it has been kind to me. I welcomed it with more music, like I've said in my previous post. I had a shoot and one article done for the magazine, so those were two things I checked in my "to do" list.

One thing I enjoyed this week was seeing RPG Metanoia, the first Pinoy 3D animated film.

And I'm so glad I watched it (aside from the fact that I watched it with my boyfriend hehehe). Everything about the film is so distinctively Pinoy: the house, the streets, the kids' pambahay clothes, the Pinoy street games they played at one point in the movie (my favorite part!), a nearby sar-sari store and computer shop. I don't play computer games, unlike the characters in the movie, but I got the chance to look back on my own childhood during the scenes where they played street games like patintero, piko (hopscotch), shatong, tumbang preso, and taguan (hide and seek). I guess it's also one thing that makes it so Pinoy - a scene or two in the movie can trigger a similar experience among the Pinoy audience.

The movie also sends a message that kids shouldn't be playing computer games ALL THE TIME. Yes, it's clean fun, but they shouldn't be glued to it 24/7. I saw this when Nico, the main character, forgot about his promise to play badminton with his mom. He went to play computer games instead. And when Nico and his friends got banned from Bomb Shelter, the computer shop, by the bullies, they channeled their energy to Pinoy street games, with the help of a character named May, and they still had fun. It is important for kids nowadays to remember that there's a whole lot of fun and interaction outside computer shops and away from their precious computer games.

The film won four awards in the Metro Manila Film Festival. These are: 3rd Best Picture, Best Sound Recording, Best Original Theme Song, and Quezon City's Special Citation for Gender Sensitive Movie. Click here to know more about the movie and its director, Louie Suarez.

I also love the soundtrack! My favorite song is Aminin Mo. It's the song played whenever Nico sees May. :)

The other songs are great, too. If I see the album in record stores, I'll have no second thoughts in buying it. :)

Aside from seeing RPG Metanoia, another thing I enjoyed this week is getting to play Ultimate after a three-month hiatus. Thanks to the Disc Kulits team for letting me play with them. :) Now, I'm looking forward to Beginners' Night on Monday and playing with my Ultimate friends again.


  1. How are you?

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  2. Hi Jingle!

    Thanks for inviting me, but I think I won't be able to fulfill the requirements for Poets' Rally. I am, however, willing to join the Mondy Poetry Potluck. :) So I'll see you there.

    Have a nice weekend. :D