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Wednesday, January 26, 2011


When you're happy, don't you just want to jump and dance and let your friends know how happy you are? When you receive good news, you can't wait to tell it to people close to you, can you? I remember when I was a high school freshman. When I saw my name in the list of Outstanding Students for the first quarter, I couldn't wait to tell my dad, so I ran, rushing to the school gate where he stood. Then, I tripped and fell on the cemented ground. Haha!

Which brings me to this yet another inspiring quote:

Don't you feel happier after you've shared your happy stories with others? When you know you have your family and friends to celebrate with for any achievement you've made? When you have a big smile painted on your face, and you have a dozen other smiling faces looking at you? Indeed, happiness is too big a gift to be enjoyed by only one person. It has to be unwrapped and let the people around you partake of the contents that spill out of the box. :)

P.S. The image above is a product of my playing around with Adobe Photoshop. It's not outstanding, I know, but I'm sharing it because minutes before I made this entry, I just learned how to change an image's background color and other basic stuff. Hehe. And that made me happy. :)


  1. that story about you tripping was funny! i couldn't help but smile at that.
    it's always great to have people around to share happiness with. i wish i could still afford to study at a school so that i could share things with classmates, friends, and people my age. unfortunately since i work and my colleagues are all older than me, i can't really talk to them. though i work at a school, i'm always with the Kindergartners so i can't really talk to senior student who happen to be the same age as me. O.O
    the image you made is cute! :D

  2. Hehe thanks! It's actually a small square card with the message printed on it. I took a photo of it using my phone camera and played around with Photoshop to make it look like that. I'm happy you found it cute. :)

    Being in school sure presents a lot of opportunities to make friends, and these opportunities are not limited to being classmates with girls and boys your age. Does your school hold events, like, say, a sports fest for everyone or a school fair? These can also give you opportunities to make friends and talk to people your age, like the The Blonde Senior. :)

    Plus, you also have us, your online friends. You can always talk to us via email or through our blogs. I would love to listen to (or read? hehe) your stories.

    Nice to see you here in my blog. Thank you so much for dropping by :)

  3. oh wow. i haven't ever used Photoshop so i'm in total admiration of what you did haha.

    the school where i work in indeed does hold events, but the students think i'm weird and most of them are all snobs so yeah. O.O no opportunity for friendship there.
    i do have tons of online friends though, and i made a whole new lot of friends through my blog. i am so happy that i got back to blogging last summer. :D if you read some of my previous posts you'd know that blogging is what keeps me from going insane! :P people actually like me here.
    it's just that sometimes i crave hanging out with someone in real, which just isn't possible. it's difficult to go on outings here, since i live in Pakistan and it's not quite safe here. i didn't even used to live here before. i used to live and study in UAE, i had loads of friends. it's when i moved to Pakistan which is my birthplace, that i was homeschooled so it was and still is kind of lonely.

    and you're welcome. ♥ i loveeee your blog! :D

  4. I see. With that, I want to give you a virtual hug, hoping it can at least ease your loneliness. *hugs* Nothing beats face-to-face communication and hanging out with our friends in person. But at least, we have technology that connects us even to people we don't personally know despite being miles apart. For that, I'm thankful, and I know the rest of us in the blogosphere are, too. :)

    Feel free to send me an email if you like ( I'd be happy to hear from and reply to you. :)

  5. aww thanks! *tight hug back*
    and i completely agreeeee.
    i shall email you very soon. :D

  6. Happiness is indeed a gift that multiples if you share it with people close to you.

  7. @Kraehe: Indeed! :)

    @Philophobic: Yes I am. Why? :)

  8. @AnotherAnonymous: Thank you for your comment and for dropping by :)

  9. Nice post. You reminded me of my high school days...almost the same ang story natin hahahaha!

    The image may not be perfect but the most important thing was the happiness that you felt when you finally did it. I am so noob with photoshop, too. As a matter of fact, 3 pa lang na photos ko ang nagamitan ko ng photoshop with the help of youtube tutorials pa.

    By the way, thank you for following Al Ain City Daily Photo and for your kind comments.

    Have a nice day!

  10. Hi Misalyn! Nice to see you here :D

    Ang ganda kaya ng mga images mo sa Al Ain City Daily Photo. I really enjoy looking at them and reading the stories behind them. Ganda pa ng background music mo sa blog. I love piano music kasi. :D

    Have a happy weekend. Looking forward to the beautiful photos you'll post in your blog. :)

  11. this is a great post- wise words to live by!
    and thanks for visiting my blog- If you want to take a peek at my other blog

  12. @Kathe W: Wow thanks for dropping by and for the comment. Well appreciated. :)

    Sure I'll visit your other blogs, too. :D