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Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Pianist

Strong but graceful hands
Touching, caressing, pounding on
The ebonies and ivories.
He makes music emanate from
That instrument on four legs.

His fingers firmly on the keys,
The sound of unbroken notes
Flowing like a gushing stream.
Slow, moving, poignant, melancholic,
Melody of romance, or lament, or maybe of nostalgia.

He strikes the last note, the last chord,
The finale, then lifts his hands from the keys.
He bows, the audience stands, applauding.
The curtain closes, and I silently exit the hall,
Leaving the pianist to relish his moment of glory.

-Katherine Lopez, 31 December 2009


  1. Magical wand

    Piano hand
    You always paint vivid pictures to move a reader in your poem, awesome job!

    I love your name,
    I like your poem,
    We share poetry,
    We celebrate one last day
    in 2009
    in such a beautiful way!

    Take care,friend!:)

  2. Hello, I found you through Jingle's Blog. I enjoyed your poem; you conveyed the piano, the pianist and the music in this 15 line poem. Very nice!
    Favorite part:
    “The sound of unbroken notes
    Flowing like a gushing stream.”

    Gerardine Baugh

  3. Hi Gerardine!

    I am glad you enjoyed my poem. Thank you very much for your kind words. :)

    Katherine Lopez

  4. Cheers, Jingle, to a wonderful 2010. Cheers to a new year of inspiration and poetry. :)

    Thank you for your kind words. Take care! :)


  5. nicely done. i really like this.
    so nice to see someone lost in their passion.

  6. Hi Brian!

    Thank you. It motivates me when I see that people like my poems. Thanks again.

    And yes, I agree with your last statement. People who are so passionate in what they do are admirable.